Jason Hope Touts Opportunities Created by the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is an optimist by nature, and it’s no surprise as to why. He is perhaps one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in the entire country and has long been famous in the state of Arizona as the founder of groundbreaking internet streaming company Jawa.

But recently, Hope has taken to the internet to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to greatness. Hope sees the coming technologies encompassed broadly in the term Internet of Things as being one of the greatest opportunities that have come along since the Industrial Revolution. Hope believes that the Internet of Things will so permeate daily life by the year 2050 that most things that people take for granted today will not even be recognizable in just a few decades.

Jason Hope’s advice to young entrepreneurs is that they go out and start learning the new technologies that will underpin U.S. society and industry in the decades to come. Hope thinks that, while it may seem as if everything that can be invented already has been, he says that this is not the case. Hope believes that things that were at one time considered dumb devices such as windows, doors and thermostats, will in the coming decades be subject to automation and even wiring into networked devices. It is these sorts of opportunities, says Hope, that will create such dramatic opportunities for those enterprising entrepreneurs savvy enough to be first to market and learn more about Jason.

Hope’s optimistic side shows when he says that he believes the future has never been brighter.

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Jason Hope Touts Opportunities Created by the Internet of Things

Woman in Entertainment-Desiree Perez

Music streaming is a big business not only in the United States but also in the world. One of the organizations that have been engaging in the business is Tidal which is owned by one of the prominent artists; Jay-Z. Jay-z has been struggling in the business for a long time, but he has never given up. Since the creation of the Company, it has experienced changes, especially in its management sector with it changing its executive managers now and then affecting the music streaming business. With the change of the leadership and the direction of the group, most of the people thought that the founder Jay-Z would eventually give up and close the business. Instead, he has been up and about making sure that Tidal is back to its feet.  Related news on businessinsider.com.

Desiree Perez came to save the business. Since she was employed in Tidal, and she took up the role of the manager she has been working hard to revive the face of the company in the entertainment industry and making the impression that the business will be there even in the future. Ms. Perez is continuously working to make sure that he brings she wins and brings back more customers but first she is building the interest of their members and the world. Read Dez tweets, follow her on twitter.com.  Jay-Z tried to revive the business, but the best part and the biggest step he made is to bring the expertise of Ms. Perez.

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Desiree Perez is an artist and has a vast experience in the entertainment industry. She is not an entertainer, but she also has knowledge in accounting and management. Desiree also owns her business and has experience in finalizing transactions which have helped Tidal to be back in business. Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez who is the Director of Roc National Sports. She is also a member of Hova Circle.  For more of Dez, visit her facebook.com page.

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Woman in Entertainment-Desiree Perez

Omar Boraie Continuing to Focus on Real Estate & Charity in New Brunswick

As per Patch, Boraie Development, LLC is among the key development organizations in the North-East part of United States. The organization, which is situated in New Jersey, has centered a lot of its endeavors within the New Brunswick zone. The organization began development projects in the region over previous five years and has effectively built up an arrangement to totally revive the City of New Brunswick. So far, the company has established multi-purpose facilities that have pulled in new occupants and private ventures to the city in retail, office space and condos. The organization has additionally been a major part in the rejuvenation of the Atlantic City range, which is proceeding to recuperate from the financial downturn.

In an article on NJBiz, the tasks that have been finished to date are only a fraction of what the organization has planned towards redeveloping the city. The organization has a long haul arrangement for that will guarantee that the city keeps on paddling. In addition to building their facilities, the organization is likewise engaged with associations that are in progress elsewhere. Boraie Development has a reputation in collaborating with experienced real-estate developers and property administrators that create, oversee, and deal with high-end projects in an assortment of communities situated across the country.

Sam Boraie is among the key pioneers of Boraie Development. Boraie is the child of Omar Boraie, the Egyptian-conceived real estate developer, and the CEO and Founder of the organization. Sam has been in the privately-owned company for quite a long while and has been centered on coming with new developments agendas. Presently, he is one of a few Vice Presidents in the organization, including his younger sister and older brother.

While Sam Boraie devotes a significant amount of time towards the privately-run company, he is additionally engaged in various distinctive philanthropic causes. One of his greatest outside interests is with the State Theater of New Jersey, where he is part of the Board of Trustees alongside other local business people. The State Theater is a neighborhood social phenomenon that puts on various distinct productions every year within New Brunswick, and in New Jersey. To date, Boraie has continued with his vision to make the New Brunswick City a great place.

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Omar Boraie Continuing to Focus on Real Estate & Charity in New Brunswick

Foresite Capital Managing Director, Jim Tananbaum, Announces Dr. Molly He as the New Venture Partner

Foresite Capital, San Francisco is a healthcare growth equity and venture capital firm. The firm has a reputation of investing in most of the world’s exciting, inventive and innovative healthcare firms. The firm provides emerging healthcare leaders with distinctive products and services with growth capital with the aim of expanding the health sector in both private and public markets. The firm also has an office in New York, and it recently added Dr. Molly He as a venture partner. Molly He Ph.D. brings to the company over fifteen years of vast experience in the pharmaceutical research and development and thus she is an invaluable resource to the firm.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder, managing director, and chief executive officer, of Foresite capital. Foresite Capital is a venture capital firm which mainly specializes in healthcare. Jim has been associated with the company for seven years since 2010. However, Tananbaum has over twenty-five years of experience in the venture capital industry, which he has used to place the firm in the top position of the best and improving firms’ list. Before forming Foresite Capital, he was part and parcel of Sierra Ventures and the famous Prospect Partners Ventures both two and three. His previous association with such firms gives a clear record of the vast experience he has in the venture capital industry.

Jim Tananbaum is an alumnus of the Yale University and Harvard Business School. His Twitter, Jim is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Yale University, a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, and also an MD which he attained from the Harvard Medical School. The MD enabled him to specialize his venture capital firm in healthcare matters. Other than Foresite Capital, his other significant and notable investments include Healtheon, Amira Pharmaceuticals, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and the Amerigroup. Most of his ventures are located in San Francisco Bay Area, and one of his most prominent deals was the Intarcia Therapeutics and learn more about Jim.

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Foresite Capital Managing Director, Jim Tananbaum, Announces Dr. Molly He as the New Venture Partner

Warren Buffett’s $1 Million Bet Misinforms The Public

The recent gamble by Warren Buffett that he could outperform a group of hedge fund managers left the investment industry waiting to see how an S&P passive index fund would perform alongside supposedly active hedge funds.

The $1 million bet for charity made by Buffett has been criticized by the Capital Group’s CEO and Chairman Tim Armour who believes the blurred lines between passive and active trading are difficult to interpret; Armour has also been a consistent critic of many funds he believes are not working in the best interests of their clients. Warren Buffett looks set to win his $1 million bet and outperform the group of hedge fund managers with a simple investment in a supposedly passive fund investment.

Tim Armour is one of the best known investment specialists in the world as his Capital Group controls over $1 trillion in assets for investors around the world. The November 2016 election victory of President Donald Trump signaled a change in the way the U.S. financial markets were performing and Timothy Armour believes this is down to a new faith in the future of the U.S. economy under the leadership of the New York based real estate magnate.

Looking back on his career that began with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middleburry College and has continued on Wall Street has allowed the investment specialist to chart the direction stocks have been taking; Armour believes stocks have finally hit the bottom level and will now recover in the coming months to produce a bullish market.

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Warren Buffett’s $1 Million Bet Misinforms The Public

Enjoy your Journey to Healthy Hair with Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner

One of the most basic ways of taking care of your hair is by giving it a nice wash. For most people, washing the hair is as simple as putting on some shampoo and running water through the hair. While this can be a quick fix for dirty hair, you may experience problems such as an itchy scalp or dandruff down the road. In order to ensure that none of this happens, consider buying a cleansing conditioner that combines cleansing and treatment options into one.

One product which has taken the beauty industry by storm is the Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner. This is a Sephora available product which has been made using extracts from herbs. It also contains essential oils such as sweet almond. Its cleansing capacity is also heightened by the fact that it combines cleansing, treatment and conditioning properties into one product.

One lady used the Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner and shared on her Facebook that it works like magic. She has fine hair and she has had difficulties finding a product that does not strip down all her natural oils. When using other cleansing products, she also experienced hair breakage and a lot of buildup on her scalp. When she used the cleansing conditioner she was amazed by the fact that it has no such negative effects on her hair and scalp. In fact, she also noticed that after washing her hair with the product, she was able to style it easily.

Another advantage of using the Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner is that it contains essential oils which ensure that the hair is kept moisturized at all times. Unlike other products, you will not experience any itchiness on your scalp because of dryness. Choose this cleansing conditioner on eBay today and enjoy the journey towards beautiful hair.

Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wen

Enjoy your Journey to Healthy Hair with Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner

What had Fabletics Got that Amazon Hasn’t?

We all order from Amazon. From books to running shoes and hats to gloves, Amazon has it ready to ship. This is very convenient and easy, but there are some things Amazon doesn’t have and that’s where Fabletics enters the scene.


Let’s talk about Subscriptions

Fabletics enters with the remarkable idea capitalizing on the popularity of fitness practiced at home and in gyms across the globe. Women do not want to wear the same old fitness clothing every day, nor do they want to wear what every second person in their Zumba class is wearing. Fabletics offers a subscription process that supplies members with fresh, quality fitness clothing each month, specifically selected for them – little chance of seeing your capris on the person next to you in the weight room.


To remove the somewhat negative, imprisonment feeling of subscriptions, Fabletics goes beyond customization. Each member has mastery over his or her own subscription. Don’t want a shipment this month? Go online and cancel this month’s delivery. Don’t like all of the items you were sent? Send back whatever you don’t want for replacement or credit.


This personal service is something that Amazon cannot offer. Fabletics offers fashion in fitness wear at a reasonable price, delivered to your door, selected to meet your needs and taste. That’s a subscription that has appeal.


Fabletics Practices Reverse Showrooming

Fabletics elected to bypass the showroom process. They did not start in malls and little villages, offering their wares to passersby. No, they went right to their audience, advertising heavily on television and print, inviting customers to join their subscription club – called VIP – by enticing them with a great bargain. At first, they offered a complete fitness outfit for $20 with your subscription; now they are offering two stunning pairs of fitness tights for a similar price.


As you can imagine, many people feel they have nothing to lose. If they don’t like the clothing, they end the subscription. If they like it, they have found a new source of fun apparel at a great price – easy as pie.


Having established a base through these remarkable offers, Fabletics is now opening brick and mortar stores. However, even these facilities are not your average chain store. Fabletics carries their personalization concept into their physical stores. Through recording the preferences of customers in a certain region, Fabletics has learned the styles and fashions that appeal to that geographic market. Consequently, they stock these new stores with clothing that has sold well in that area. If you visit a store in your neighborhood and then another some miles away, you will not find identical stock – it’s a great deal of work, but it sure is working for Fabletics.


The Key to Fabletics Success

Maybe Fabletics will never be the giant that Amazon is, but they have successfully chipped away at Amazon’s %20 apparel market share and they are building a reputation for customer service and quality that encourages more subscribers to enter their fold.

What had Fabletics Got that Amazon Hasn’t?

Get to Know Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, is from Detroit, Michigan. Lefkofsky graduated from University of Michigan, earning both a Bachelors of Art, and later a Juris Doctor. Striving to reach high educational measures, Eric Lefkofsky graduated with honors, and brought his hard-working attitude with him during future endeavors. Eric Lefkofsky is known for his work at Tempus, which he is both the co-founder and CEO of. Tempus is a company with a humanitarian cause, as it allows doctors to give unique care to those battling cancer; in fact, Tempus is considered a technological company, allowing it to reach a wide variety of people from different areas of the world.

The main goal of Eric Lefkofsky was not just to create a company, but to spread his knowledge and expertise in efforts to help the people he shares this world with. In attempts to do so, Eric and his wife, Elizabeth Lefkofsky, started a trust fund for charity, which is known as the Lefkofsky Foundation. Specifically, this charitable trust was made to help those who want to help children, as the trust grants funds to people who are providing services of charity, scientific exploration, and education. The Lefkofsky has reached and helped many, as they have given to over 50 organizations thus far and read full article.

The Lefkofsky organization is not the only way Eric and Elizabeth Lefkofsky chose to give back. The married couple also chose to join the The Giving Pledge, which was founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in attempts to achieve philanthropic behavior of the wealthy. Eric Lefkofksy believes in the value of education, and he even chose to teach at colleges in Chicago. Not only does Eric Lofkofsky teach in order to better his community, but he also is on the board of directors at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry.

Eric Lefkofsky’s entrepreneurship skills are continuing to have positive impacts, as he is also a co-founder of Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, and Lightbank. He also contributes his co-founding abilities towards InnerWorkings and Mediaocean. With Eric Lefkofsky’s humanitarian attitude and successful business ventures, the sky is the limit for his endeavors and goals.

Get to Know Eric Lefkofsky

Leader In Financial Services

Professional banking is one of those services that you just can’t live without now days. These financial centers helps people to grow their wealth, store their wealth, as well as to keep their wealth safe. The world would literally shut down without the banking industry and crime would be extremely much higher. NexBank of one of the top regional banks in the country and it has grown into a powerhouse over the past decades. Unlike most regional styled banks that only offer a few services, NexBank stands out thanks to it’s ability to provide many of the same services as the national banks.

Though this financial institution specializes in mortgage, investment, and commercial banking, it offers many other top services to help the customer stay on top of his/her game. These services include treasury management, public funds, real estate advisory, online banking, mobile banking, credit services, agency services, certificate of deposits, checking/savings account, and many more. Serving the customers is NexBank’s motto and they’ve been doing it pretty well over the years. The bank has an estimated $4.6 Billion in assets, which is a 71% increase over the previous year. The numbers are astounding in how fast this financial institution has grown.

On top of those numbers, NexBank’s progressive approach has caused it to raise well over $200 Million in equity and depth within the past year. No other regional banking center are pulling these types of numbers. CEO John Holt and the Executive Management Team is doing a fantastic job in the board room. This superior team of excellence has brought in some of the very best leadership, focus, passion, and capabilities, which has transferred into a major player on the banking scene.


Leader In Financial Services

EOS Lip Balm Becomes A Market Leader In A Short Span

Evolution of Smooth is now a famous and popular lip balm brand. This is despite the fact, that EOS has only been in business for only a relatively short period of time compared to some of its competitors in the lip balm industry. For example, companies such as Chapstix have been in business for almost a hundred years. Yet, EOS has managed to hopscotch in front of Chapstix in only a matter of years. The use of ingenious marketing and product design has created a unique product and successful marketing campaign that has put EOS lip balm as one of the most popular brands today.

The highly successful marketing campaign of EOS has been spearheaded by actively promoting the product via social media. Evolution of Smooth had hired fashion and beauty bloggers to sample and then writes about and reviews their line of lip balms. This helped spread the word about the brand and the company online. It soon essentially became Facebook viral and sales skyrocketed. EOS has also made some sponsorship at key events, which further helped with brand recognition. The fact that some celebrities now use EOS lip balm and are regularly seen with it, has also boosted sales of the product.

Evolution of Smooth has shook up the lip balm industry by changing both the packing of lip balms as well as adding new flavors to the balms. Before EOS hit the market, lip balm was only really found in the stick format similar to lipstick. EOS made an oval shaped balm like packaging that proved to be immensely popular. It also helped to differentiate the brand from competitors. In regards to flavors, EOS added additional flavors to lip balms such as strawberry, blueberry, vanilla and many more. Before EOS came out with new fruity and exotic flavors, there were only two different flavors available. These were mint and cherry flavored balms.

EOS products are available online on eBay and https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos


EOS Lip Balm Becomes A Market Leader In A Short Span