Samsung Confirms Tidal Deal As Desiree Perez Intervenes To Make It A Success


The talks between Samsung and popular rapper Jay Z concerning Tidal had been halted for some time but the company recently confirmed they are again at the negotiating table. Several sources revealed to Claire Atkinson, a New York Post correspondent, that the deal is expected to be sealed in the shortest period possible since Samsung wants to develop a relationship with the holding company in the process of making their brand better.

Samsung, based in South Korea, joined hands with Jay Z during the launch of the Magna Cartas Holy Grail, which was a high profile event that also featured Rihanna from Roc Nation a month ago. They have held talks expressing their interest in Tidal.

Other news speculate that Samsung is likely to have offered Kanye West a check for participating in the coveted The Life of Pablo, cites HITS insider I.B. Bad. He states that Samsung is re-engaging and there are big plans underway but the information about their next move has not been shared yet. They have quite well managed to seal all leaks that could make their intentions known since the final product is meant to appear as a surprise that can serve the intentions the company has about the business.

It is also said that Tidal has been hemorrhaging up to $10 million annually in red ink and the fact Rihanna, Beyonce and Kanye are no longer around has made the platform to lose the pace at which it was generating new subscribers that could sustain the business. Everything that happens in the steps to follow will be under the keen watch of Desiree Perez, Jay Z’s woman and she will be a major part of the deal while making the negotiations.

Additionally, other companies like Spotify and Google have shown interest in acquiring Tidal and they believe the company can be revived to become one of the most profitable premium service companies in the music industry.

About Desiree Perez
Desiree Perez is the person behind the successful management and formation of the Tidal application and her presence in the company is a vital addition to its progress. She is known for her strong skills at negotiating and her history of street rap places her at a perfect position to manage Tidal.

Samsung Confirms Tidal Deal As Desiree Perez Intervenes To Make It A Success

Securus Technologies Helps Law Enforcement Learn About Calls

Just because a convict is locked up does not mean that he is safe. There are some cases when he has to be watched even when he is locked up. A lot of convicts have connections with the outside world. There are a few people that he is connected that are going to continue on the work that he is doing. This is especially true if he is higher up in his gang. Fortunately, Securus Technologies makes it easier for officials to be prepared for any kind of incident that might happen that an inmate has something to do with. Stay up to date with Securus on


Securus Technologies has recently announced the release of Investigator 4.0 which allows officers to not only look up the person from a voice sample. They also get to learn everything about the inmate that is making the call. They also get to learn about inmate, what he is guilty, and if it is his first offense or if he is a regular offender. Another thing that the officers will learn about is the person on the other the person that the inmate is talking to.


One good thing about Investigator 4.0 is that the officer could use it to learn about any possible crimes that may occur through the conversations that have been recorded with this device. As a result, they will be able to catch the people that are getting ready to commit another crime. They will be able to arrest them on the basis of intention alone since they are able to prove it with the use of the voice sampling technology that is found in the new software.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Technologies Helps Law Enforcement Learn About Calls

DEVCO at Center of Probe Regarding Unpaid $20 Million Loan

According to a February 2016 article published by the Press of Atlantic City, Unpaid $20 million CRDA loan raises questions about New Brunswick Devco, a Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) loan in the amount of $20 million was made to the Middlesex County Improvement Authority (MCIA) in 2005. However, the MCIA has been in arrears on that loan for five years, which resulted in $7 million in principal and interest payments that have been missed.
The loan was for the development and construction of a New Brunswick Development Corp. (DEVCO) project called the Heldrich, which is a local hotel and conference center. Now the most recent P&I payment in the amount of $1 million due in January 2016 has been missed as well. According to Christopher Paladino, the attorney who heads up Devco as well as Atlantic City Development Corp., the CRDA is expected to receive full payment, however not for two more years.
Founded in the mid-70’s, DEVCO functions as an urban real estate development company that is both private and nonprofit. The company has also been called a powerful engine foe economic growth by the New York Times. According to that publication, the company has been successful at helping New /Brunswick with achieving a renaissance that is truly remarkable.
Located at Albany Street Plaza Urban Rnwl, 120 Albany St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, DEVCO possesses a great deal of expertise in their field and have created numerous strong partnerships, innovative structures for project financing, and strategic alliances in the area. As a result, they have created an inventory of mixed-use projects that is both diverse and award-winning. To date, the company has been responsible for overseeing almost $1.6 billion worth of investments in New Brunswick. Thanks to DEVCO and their uncommon approach to financing, the city’s redevelopment is said to be quite vigorous.

DEVCO at Center of Probe Regarding Unpaid $20 Million Loan

Let Twenty Three Layers Plan Your Next Function

Party planning for a memorable occasion can be exciting and fun but the truth of the matter is that it can quickly turn into a giant headache. There are a few things you need to remember in order to keep your sanity. First off, it’s vital that you stay organized and don’t procrastinate! Start as soon as you can so you have time to plan and get all your decorations and such together. It also allows for any unforeseen kinks in your master plan. An ongoing party planning checklist, supply and guest lists are invaluable. Just be sure to keep updating it and jot down your brainstorms as soon as they come to you, so you don’t forget anything important. There is so much to consider when planning your party-do you want to have a specific theme or self serve bar? What about the invites and favors? Do any of your guest have allergies? Do you need a kids table and what kind of appetizers, entrées and drinks should you serve? And what about entertainment? If you don’t know where to begin, feel overwhelmed or you just want your next party to go smoothly, hiring an event planning company is the best way to go.

The New York based Twenty Three Layers, founded by Jessica Boskoff, it the answer to your prayers. They offer full-service event planning in New York City and will take care of your next special event or party. They will bring their A-game with fresh, trendy ideas and professional decorating touches.

Twenty Three Layers covers everything from personalized catering, exquisite floral design, great entertainment, professional photography, and custom printing, styling and lighting. Need a spot for your function? No problem, because they also have access to great venue locations. Jessica even hosts workshops, so you can learn to host your own glamorous get-togethers and ritzy functions. Let the experienced Twenty Three Layers take care of your next event, be it a birthday party, wedding or corporate event-they’ve got you covered!

Let Twenty Three Layers Plan Your Next Function

Avoiding Bad Investment Advice with Laidlaw and Company

Investment is a difficult world, especially when it comes to giving solid advice. A recent article brought this to light, with one expert estimating that the ration between bad and good investment advice was about 10:1. Sadly, we believe that this is fairly accurate: too many investment firms have a strategy that could be be termed as “random.”

For example, the author of this article stated that the phrase “follow the money” is a “painful” reminder that bad advice is far too common in the investment world. Trailing where the money originated and who gave the bad advice is definitely a good idea, but not necessarily a sound investment strategy.

The truth is, just about every media outlet that offers financial advice (such as those ridiculous and over-the-top television shows) weigh themselves down with buzz words, trendy concepts, and no real investment goal.

Thankfully, we can help investors like you break through this world of terrible advice and slogans and get you the investment success that you deserve. Laidlaw and Company is an investment firm with over a century of experience offering realistic and successful investment advice. Run by experts Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, we offer investors in the UK and the United States a wide variety of services, including:

Investment advice
Banking services
Financial restructuring
Opinions on investment fairness

Since our founding in 1842, we’ve expanded rapidly to include a wide range of industries, our most recent including late stage private securities in Facebook and Twitter, initiatives in healthcare, metals and mining, and much more.

So be prepared to avoid the world of bad investment advice by working with us. We will help you sort through all the problematic advice you’ve received in the past and pin-point only the most reasonable and effective strategies (including stock suggestions) that you can get.

Avoiding Bad Investment Advice with Laidlaw and Company

Innovative company Fabletics is growing fast

Fabletics is getting big. The company, which makes active wear and accessories that it calls, “Athleisure,” seems to be raking in the dough, and they’ve only been around for three years

So, what’s their secret? They’ve long had an online catalog where customers can submit orders. But now they’re opening stores, too. The company’s vision is for their retail stores and online catalog to work in tandem to drive up sales.

Speaking at the eTail West Conference, an annual event held in Palm Springs, California, the company’s president, Gregg Throgmartin explained how the company plans to grow.

A customer can go to a store, try something on, see how it fits, feel whether they like the material and the color, and then put it back on the rack. A few hours or days later, the customer then orders the item online.

It’s worked so far, according to Throgmartin. If current patterns hold, they’ll rake in $250 million in online sales by the end of the year. He won’t say exactly how much money the company has earned in total, but their stores have done well enough that they’re set to open 75 to a hundred more over the next two years.

They even plan to open one at the Mall of America, the country’s largest shopping center that receives 40 million visitors a year.

But they’re careful to avoid missteps. Fabletics using computer data to help them decide where to open stores. They take their own online data and compare it to data they receives from malls, along with competitive data. By comparing the data sets, they find prime locations for business.

Fabletics also recently dipped its toe into the pool of men’s apparel, and it’s planning to launch a swimwear line and sell dresses.

Fabletics got its start in 2013 when famed actress Kate Hudson got together with businessmen Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. The three felt they could make their imprint in activewear. They’re goal was to produce high quality and stylish activewear at affordable prices.

When ordering from their website, customers can sign up for their VIP plan. As a VIP member, Fabletics give you a quick quiz about your lifestyle and personal style. It then sends you personally picked outfits based on your style and workout preferences. VIP members also get free shipping and can buy 100-dollar outfits for half price. Fabletics gives its customers a 30-day grace period where they can return any items, for exchange or store-credit.

See the Fabletics history on Wikipedia

Innovative company Fabletics is growing fast