Doe Deere Created a Makeup Line for the Bold

There are many people who are in the fashion industry who like to use makeup that is neutral. They use it to cover up blemishes and they use it to enhance the features that they already have without appearing too obvious. They always make sure that the makeup enhances their look without looking like they are clownish. They feel that bright colors, even if they like them, will make them be taken less seriously and that they will not be able to get as much as they want out of the industry for that reason. So, they use plain, boring makeup.

Doe Deere thinks that this is a terrible decision and something that people should stop doing. Lime Crime is her brand and she thinks that, if people like color, they should be able to use the colors that they like. Bright, bold hues are what the makeup brand is all about and they show in the way that Doe Deere markets them. She wants people to feel both comfortable and confident with the way that they look when they are wearing the makeup that she has created for them through the Lime Crime brand and her various blogs.

Makeup has always been Doe Deere’s biggest passion. It is the reason that her career started and something that she has always loved. She started out as a fashion blogger and someone who was one of the first bloggers on the scene. There, she garnered a huge following of people who wanted to be just like her. She did many different tutorials and even helped people find the makeup that would work well for them. With that, she decided to start her own makeup brand because of the makeup that she liked and the difficulty of accessing it at more traditional makeup stores.

The makeup at Lime Crime is intended for people who want to be able to wear bold makeup and do not want to have to skimp on quality. In the past, bold makeup could only be found at discount stores and in containers that had “Made in China” labels. Doe Deere changed that. She uses the same high-quality ingredients as some of the more traditional brands but has chosen to market them in colors that appeal to a crowd that likes to be more bold and daring with the makeup that they choose to put on their faces.

Doe Deere Created a Makeup Line for the Bold

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