White Shark Media Makes Digital Marketing Seem Easy

The popularity of the Internet has helped to change the way millions of people handle tasks on a daily basis. The Internet allows people to go online to do things that once required them to physically visit locations. With the use of the Internet, many people are able to pay bills online, attend classes online, shop online, look at movies online, and many other tasks.


While the Internet allows people to do a wide array of things online, one of the things that the Internet allows that has changed the way business is done today is ecommerce. The ability to conduct ecommerce has given companies the opportunity to make sales, market to people, and promote business operations in ways that were not possible before the Internet.


Although the Internet gives companies the opportunity to market and sale to people online, the challenge that many companies have is getting people to come to the websites that provide the services and products. A way that many companies use to generate website traffic is digital marketing. Attracting potential customers online is vastly different than off line. Digital marketing is a method that gives companies the chance to send traffic to the desired websites using a variety of online marketing methods.


A digital marketing agency that helps many small and medium size companies with its digital marketing needs is White Shark Media. The agency has an outstanding reputation for providing excellent service for its clients. White Shark Media is a full service digital marketing agency. The agency focuses on providing PPC and SEM digital marketing services.


 White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that provides customized services for its clients. The digital marketing services provided by White Shark Media are designed to deliver the best results for the specific client. In addition, White Shark Media works with each client to determine what is the best way to accomplish the desired goals.

White Shark Media Makes Digital Marketing Seem Easy

The Career of Noted Plastic Surgeon Dr. Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden has owned her own practice in Austin, Texas, since 2012. She is a nationally recognized expert in cosmetic plastic surgery and an advanced laser specialist. Dr. Walden obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from The University of Texas at Austin. She continued her education and earned her MD in Medicine from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, which is where she also served her Integrated Plastic Surgery residency. She also has am Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at the Manhatten Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.

One of the positions that Dr. Jennifer Walden has served in is as the Aesthetic Surgery Program Director at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for almost 4 years. She went on to her own private practice in New York for over seven years where she served as the cosmetic plastic surgeon to numerous clients.

In 2011 Dr. Walden, for the sake of her children, wanted to move closer to her family and so she closed her New York office and started a new one in Austin, Texas that. Her office was at the Westlake Medical Center and quickly came to the attention of the Austin community due to her skill and excellent care. In 2012 she expanded the capabilities of her practice by becoming a fully accredited AAAAST operating facility which exhibits a highly technically advanced laser specialist, a specialized cosmetic injector, and a full team of aestheticians. Her practice is now called the Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. She has also started a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas, from which she also operates.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is notable for her use of advanced technology at all of her practices. Some of the advanced equipment she has deep experience in is Vectra which is a 3-D imaging technology that shows what the patient will look like before and after surgery. She has also developed technology in her field including breast surgery instruments that she developed in a partnership with Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments in Westbury, New York.


The Career of Noted Plastic Surgeon Dr. Walden

Technology X Fashion

In the past few years, the fashion industry has been growing significantly, owing to the rising demand for newer fashion designs every season. With this high demand in fashion, the need for technology to merge with technology to meet the growing demand became almost essential. Right from the way we design clothes to the machines used to make them, fashion and technology have been growing together hand in hand, becoming two of the biggest industries in the world today.


Just a few months ago, notable investor Chris Burch wrote an article about how the fashion industry is taking a step into the future by integrating technology into its designs, more than it has ever been used.

Chris Burch is a famous investor who has considerable knowledge about both the fashion and the technological world. Currently, Chris is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an investment company that invests into new market opportunities and up and coming technological advances.


Chris is extremely well versed with the idea of the two worlds merging to create something that is worthy to be called the product of the future. The article sheds light on Chris’ views on the industry and how he thinks the fashion and technological world will evolve in the future.


As he states in the article, fashion is dependent on technology and technology is slowly moving towards becoming fashionable. This holds true, especially if we see how fashion and technology have grown over the years to reach the stage they are in today. If you were around in the 2000s, you would know what an essential fashion statement it was to carry around an I-pod or a walkman. Even today, with the umpteen number of cell phones available which can all perform the same utility, a few maintain their top positions solely because they stand as fashion statements.


Regarding fashion, the fashion industry and design trends are heavily dependent on the technology that runs our world. Technology is being used to develop some new fashion innovations like fabric that feels as warm as fur but isn’t obtained from an animal. Even the branded clothes that one wears would not be able to reach them if it wasn’t for technology being able to up the production and facilitate transportation.


Technologically advanced fashion seems to be the new innovative approach that designers and brands are taking towards. Similarly, new technology producers are releasing products which would appeal to the masses and stand as a fashion trend.

Technology X Fashion

How Women Are Presented With The Unique Styles From Adam Goldenberg’s JustFab

When people are asked about JustFab or any of the brands of Adam Goldenberg’s TechStyle, one of the things they say deal with the unique designs that come from the company. However, one must wonder about the cost of these well designed clothes. Fortunately, JustFab is very transparent about how it manages to provide people such elegant styles with great material at an affordable rate on businessoffashion.com. One thing that they make clear is that they have an in house team of designers and creators. Therefore, people can rest assured that they are not supporting any unethical practices with the intention of bringing fashion to many customers at a cheap price.

Adam Goldenberg’s goal behind JustFab is to bring high fashion and trendy clothes to women throughout the globe. When women take a look at these items, it’ll be hard for them to find something they don’t like. To make things better, the price is well within their reach as opposed to many other fashion retailers that charge unreasonable prices for clothes that are designed and produced at much lower quality on Crunchbase. JustFab designs its clothes with longevity in mind. In other words, one does not have to worry about any rips or other distortions from washing or any other activity.

Another aspect of JustFab’s success is that it has goals of catering to every fashion and style personality. Adam Goldenberg makes it clear to people that style is personal while fashion trends are not. Adam has set up each of the brands in his company with the goal of learning about each individual customer so that he can provide clothes that are customized to the style personality of the customer.

While style is individual, it also changes. There are times when a customer may want to experiment with another style so that she could get a different sense of who she is Adam Goldenberg has made a lot of room for self exploration at http://www.techstyle.com/techstyle-ceo-adam-goldenberg-talking-name-change-on-cnbc/. JustFab is not designed to keep one stuck. It is designed for self exploration. Therefore, the brands of JustFab are always going to have items that have imaginative designs compared to other brands of fashion.

How Women Are Presented With The Unique Styles From Adam Goldenberg’s JustFab

Dick DeVos, A Man Who Believes in Education

When you are looking for someone who has used their advantages to make life better for others, you need look no further than Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos, Jr. He was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Helen and Richard Marvin DeVos, on October 21, 1955. Senior Devos was co-founder of Amway Company from which the family fortune emerged.


From a very young age Dick was involved in his family’s Amway business. He and his brother worked out of his family’s basement and were called on to clean-up, wash dishes, greet guests and other such chores. It was a great introduction to the job of earning a living.


Dick graduated from Northwood University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Upon graduation from school, in 1974, Dick filled all types of jobs at Amway, including marketing, sales, research and development, finance and sales. In 1986, Dick became Vice President of Amway’s foreign section where sales increased dramatically and was President from 1993 to 2002,


It was in 2002 that he took over as manager and CEO of the Orland Jets basketball team. He stayed for three years and then returned to Amway to succeed his father as President and CEO.


In 2000 he restructured the Amway Company and established a new parent company, called Alticor, together with other subsidiary companies. It was in August of 2002 that President Dick retired from Amway and became President of The Windquest Group.


Previous to this time, he and his wife, Betsy, formed the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. It is focused on “cultivating leadership, accelerating transformation and leveraging support in education, arts, community, justice and leadership”. This concept concentrates on helping Christian private and charter schools and Christian Foundations. Although some donations have been made to private schools. From 1989 to 2015, this foundation has donated over One Million dollars to these enterprises.


Education has long been an interest of Mr. DeVos and his family. This article would not be complete without mentioning one of their proudest moments which was the establishment West Michigan Aviation Academy where students can learn to fly as well as learn other educational subjects.


Although there is no breakdown of the family’s 2015 grantees, it is reported that the sum donated amounted to over $1.2 million dollars. In all, this family has contributed over $133 million, over the years, to help children obtain a better education or enjoy a better life.


Dick DeVos, A Man Who Believes in Education

The Lung Institute; changing the world using their stem cell treatment

Founded with the aim of improving the quality of life, the Lung Institute has provided treatment services to individuals suffering from chronic lung disease. Located in Houston, Texas, the Institute was seen to open its doors in 2014 after the arrival of the director, Dr. David Sugarbaker who is renown due to his intense involvement in pleural mesothelioma. Individuals who suffer from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, interstitial lung disease, and pulmonary fibrosis can find comfort in the Lung Institute as they offer services that improve the quality of life both mentally or physically.

The Lung Institute understands how hard it is for an individual suffering from chronic lung disease to perform simple tasks such as cooking, taking a shower or even walking. With this in mind, the Institute has taken it upon themselves to ensure their patient’s life is improved to its best. To help in treating these diseases, the institute has employed the use of stem cells in their treatment process. The mere fact that stem cells can replicate, form any body tissue and self-renew is what the Institute finds fascinating and helpful in treating these diseases.

Not many people are aware of the stem cell treatment and according to lunginstitute.com for those who are aware, always wonder if indeed the treatment works and how the treatment works. Firstly, the patient is expected to either have a bone marrow treatment or venous treatment, and this is where the stem cells are removed from the body.

The sample taken from the bone marrow or blood treatment is the one that is used to harvest the cells. The next step done is separating the stem cells from others cells found in the sample taken. After separating the stem cells from other cells, the medics are seen to concentrate the stem cells that will be returned to the blood stream of the patient. The healing process begins directly after the concentrated stem cells have been returned to the patient’s body.

The concentrated stem cells are returned to the patient’s bloodstream through an IV. They go straight to the heart where they are later redistributed to the patient’s lungs helping in the healing process.

At first, the use of stem cells to heal lung diseases was just an idea that later came to save lives something the Lung Institute is proud to be associated with.

To learn more, visit the https://lunginstitute.com/ website and Facebook page.

The Lung Institute; changing the world using their stem cell treatment

Doe Deere – From Nothing to Cosmetic Queen

When I hear the words bold and bright, the first person I think of is makeup pioneer Doe Deere. Deere is known for being a force in the world of cosmetics and it’s all thanks to her strong beliefs about makeup and the major strides she’s been making when it comes to cosmetics. Deere knows what people want when it comes to makeup and she’s delivering it. The best part is that she’s not catering to the masses. She found her own niche and that niche is people who believe makeup is an art form. Those people who believe makeup is an art from have a hard time finding the products that speak to their soul. That’s why Deere created Lime Crime.

Deere is an inspirational business owner because she truly started from the bottom and worked her way up. She developed and launched Lime Crime on her own. She wanted a bright and bold line of makeup that was cruelty-free. She understood the cruelty-free part was important because she wanted to make sure that everyone would be able to enjoy Lime Crime. Deere is a great business owner because she now supports other women-owned businesses. She wants ladies all over the world to understand that they can truly accomplish anything that they put their mind too. Deere is a firm believer in small businesses because that’s what Lime Crime has started out as.

Lime Crime has grown though. It’s now widely known and has a large range of supporters who only buy products from them. Lime Crime specializes in bright, bold, and unique products. These are exactly what individuals need. Deere believes makeup is an art form and that’s the driving force behind Lime Crime. Deere didn’t create a makeup line because she wanted to be famous or rich. That’s wasn’t the case at all. Deere created a makeup line because she had a dream. She also knew she had an idea for a product that was very much needed. The colors, styles, and products that Deere sells through her company can’t be found anywhere else. They’re the colors that normally don’t make the shelves in the stores because they’re not what the “masses” want. Deere, instead, is catering to individuals who have the desire to nail their own unique look.

Overall, Deere was able to basically come from nothing and work her way up to being a household name among those who love makeup.

Check out Doe Deere on Instagram.

Doe Deere – From Nothing to Cosmetic Queen