Get to Know Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, is from Detroit, Michigan. Lefkofsky graduated from University of Michigan, earning both a Bachelors of Art, and later a Juris Doctor. Striving to reach high educational measures, Eric Lefkofsky graduated with honors, and brought his hard-working attitude with him during future endeavors. Eric Lefkofsky is known for his work at Tempus, which he is both the co-founder and CEO of. Tempus is a company with a humanitarian cause, as it allows doctors to give unique care to those battling cancer; in fact, Tempus is considered a technological company, allowing it to reach a wide variety of people from different areas of the world.

The main goal of Eric Lefkofsky was not just to create a company, but to spread his knowledge and expertise in efforts to help the people he shares this world with. In attempts to do so, Eric and his wife, Elizabeth Lefkofsky, started a trust fund for charity, which is known as the Lefkofsky Foundation. Specifically, this charitable trust was made to help those who want to help children, as the trust grants funds to people who are providing services of charity, scientific exploration, and education. The Lefkofsky has reached and helped many, as they have given to over 50 organizations thus far and read full article.

The Lefkofsky organization is not the only way Eric and Elizabeth Lefkofsky chose to give back. The married couple also chose to join the The Giving Pledge, which was founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet in attempts to achieve philanthropic behavior of the wealthy. Eric Lefkofksy believes in the value of education, and he even chose to teach at colleges in Chicago. Not only does Eric Lofkofsky teach in order to better his community, but he also is on the board of directors at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry.

Eric Lefkofsky’s entrepreneurship skills are continuing to have positive impacts, as he is also a co-founder of Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, and Lightbank. He also contributes his co-founding abilities towards InnerWorkings and Mediaocean. With Eric Lefkofsky’s humanitarian attitude and successful business ventures, the sky is the limit for his endeavors and goals.

Get to Know Eric Lefkofsky

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