Spinning Away With Wengie


There’s a new attraction with kids who are in school. It’s called a Fidget Spinner, and it’s considered a toy by some and a way to ease anxiety by others. Wengie has a few spinner hacks that you should know about and a few ways that you can make your own spinner.


When you first get a spinner, you can customize it so that it’s a bit more personal. It also helps keep yours separated from others in the classroom. There are numerous ways to customize the spinner, but glitter nail polish is an easy way to cover the spinner. After the spinner isn’t used for a while, it will have dust on it, which can cause it not to spin like it should. Remove the covers over the bearings to clean the dust and debris that has been collected.


Use rubbing alcohol on a small ball to rub onto the bearing for a better spin. It also helps to clean the spinner and prevent rust from forming. Hold your spinner up against a window, and use a camera to film a video of the spinner. When you look at the spinner, it looks like it’s walking at an angle instead of just going in circles.


Spinning Away With Wengie

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