Brian Torchin Fills The Medical Field With Quality Experts

Brian Torchin is increasing the quality of healthcare through his company called Health Care Recruitment Counselors (‘HCRC’) Staffing. HCRC is an online resource that helps to staff the medical field. Health professions can find employment jobs successfully through Mr. Torchin’s system.

Brian saw that graduates in the healthcare industry where not able to find the right employment in their medical niche like a physician assistant, chiropractic professional, a front desk assistant, a billing manager, a healthcare office manager, paralegals, and more.

Therefore, he decided to help this process by creating HCRC which helps medical professionals through employment counseling and placement. Through Torchin’s leadership, HCRC is placing healthcare practitioners around the world in their preferred medical field. Brian and HCRC help individuals in the medical field from beginning to their verified employment.

Not only are recruits helped by HCRC counseling, but their clients also get top-rated medical staff, and the healthcare field in the U.S. is filled with quality medical experts. HCRC is a full-service staffing firm that not only provides counseling, but provides personnel training and performs quality background checks. HCRC is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but they have offices in all 50 states, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Glassdoor revealed that Brian Torchin has a Bachelor’s degree in sports science from the University of Delaware including a degree in the chiropractor field from the New York Chiropractic College. He has worked for many years in the chiropractic field. He also has years of experience in creating and staffing medical offices throughout Delaware, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

With his staffing experience and his staffing proficiency, these skills led Brian Torchin to form HCRC Staffing in 2007 which has grown exponentially and operates world-wide. HCRC Staffing carries a reputation of honesty, professionalism, and integrity, making it a world leader as a healthcare recruiting practice.

Brian believes in the direct access principle by making himself available to healthcare professionals via social media where he posts job openings and writes in-depth blogs about the healthcare industry.

Brian Torchin Fills The Medical Field With Quality Experts

George Soros Advocated For Freedom And Social Change

Very few people have done as much for one single cause as George Soros. He established an organization that would help individuals, and other organizations who are fighting for the freedom to express themselves, and who are seeking government accountability. The organization also supports different societies that are struggling to achieve justice as well as equality. George Soros personally funds his Open Society Foundation which is a global entity that helps improve the quality of life for millions of people in several countries. George Soros has gifted over $32 billion dollars in support of Open Society Foundations. His sizable donations have made him one of the world’s foremost philanthropists.

George Soros is a leader in advocating for social and political improvement. Through his foundations, universities and schools have been provided with fees to assist thousands of students who would not have had the opportunity to attend a school because of where they live, or who they are. This has been a global impact that has increased educational advancements, and social awareness. His funding has also helped support those who have faced many forms of discrimination, especially the Roma people of Europe. It has been very beneficial to people who society has deemed improper like sex workers, drug users, and LGBT individuals.

Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He has experienced societal intolerance and discrimination and injustice first hand. He lived through the Nazi occupation until 1945. His family survived by falsely identifying themselves and their background. They also assisted others in seeking freedom. He later revealed that his family did not submit to the fate that was to be, instead, they resisted the force that was much stronger than they were. In 1947, Soros left Budapest to live in London. He worked odd jobs to support his schooling at the London School of Economics. He emigrated to America in 1956. He started his own organization, Soros Fund Management, and became one of the United States’ most successful investors.

George Soros used his fortune to create The Open society Foundation which is combination of partners, foundations, and projects working in over one hundred countries. It was in 1979 when Soros began his philanthropic acts by giving scholarships to black students of South Africa who were under the apartheid influence. He established the Central European University to support critical thinking, which was an idea that was not fostered at most universities in communist areas. His giving has gone beyond his own organization. He has donated to International Crisis and Global Witness, to name a few.

The largest single gift for George Soros was his donation to his Open Society Foundation in the amount of $18 billion dollars made recently. This was a secret donation that was recently revealed to the media. This donation was in support of the many projects and organizations that have been helped by Open Society. Soros is an avid advocate for democracy as he made a very large donation to the Hilary Clinton Presidential campaign before the last campaign for president.

George Soros Advocated For Freedom And Social Change

Why Parents Love Rocketship Education

Parental involvement in their school-age children’s education is crucial. This is a fact that Rocketship Education not only recognizes but encourages and requires of the parents whose children attend their K-5 charter schools. This is but one of the reasons that Rocketship Education is increasingly the choice of parents who have young students where they have opened their charter schools.

The main drawing point of charter schools is that they offer an education that is both high quality and features accountability on the part of the charter school. Public schools, on the other hand, have layers of insulation from the results they produce, which far too often aren’t very good. Charter schools like Rocketship Education also receive federal subsidies as the children that attend these schools tend to come from low-income families. The reason for this is that low-income areas don’t have the tax base to support a public school providing a high-quality education.

Parents love sending their children to charter schools like Rocketship Education because the standards are so high. Class sizes are lower and so children receive much more personalized attention from their teachers. Students also have access to a wide range of experiences such as music, art, and other opportunities to learn in exciting ways.

Rocketship Education supports their students in other ways. One example is a family from Russia that lost everything in a flood. They ended up in a shelter but they couldn’t afford rent at any apartment in the area, having been in a rent-controlled apartment to that point. They were overjoyed when Rocketship Education stepped in and helped resolve their situation.

It was in 2006 that Rocketship Education was founded. They started out in San Diego and soon opened charter schools in other cities in California. Since then they have opened charter schools in other states such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. They recently opened a school in Washington D.C. as well. One of their biggest supporters is the former tennis ace Andre Agassi whose foundation, Turner-Agassi Charter Schools Facilities Fund, has provided the money to get new charter schools started.

Why Parents Love Rocketship Education

Greg Secker as A Trader


Greg Secker has proved himself to be a great man within the circle of business. Though his skills on how he conceptualize and implement the ideas that relate to the market, it has earned him recognition across the globe. Greg was born in the year 1975, and slowly through the exposure of the business environment that he was brought up in started building skills as an entrepreneur. He has proved to be dynamic in the business field with the purpose of creating new opportunities to the rest of the people in the society. This is substantiated by his idea of coming up with Action Group that was part of Learn to Trade companies. The intention of setting up the companies was to integrate as many as possible people to the world to the world of trade.

Greg through his company has created an excellent platform that gives the learners an opportunity to gain experience. His background placed him in a vantage position of being resilient in the business field. Furthermore, Greg has set up a company by the name The Virtual Trading Desk. The company targets to impart the skills of trading the learners of the forex. Through the platform of the company, it is easy for the learner to gain knowledge and become part of the traders of forex. The implementation of the idea by Secker has made him earned recognition across the globe. Furthermore, it boosted his status, and he was later made the Vice-president in one of the leading financial institution called Mellon Financial Corporation.

Secker previous exposure to the matters of programming in the private company steered him to handle the issues of forex at ease. His helping heart to the society has been seen through different events of seminars and training with the purpose of creating the new traders in the forex world. His lessons are observed and the excellent stage for the new learner to express the challenges that are facing while trading.

Greg Secker primary intention is to improve the lives of people in the society by teaching them how to be successful traders. He believes the only way to make as a good trader is through dedication and practice.


Greg Secker as A Trader

Boraie Development LLC: Setting a New Standard of Living in Atlantic City

The development in Atlantic City has been stale for quite some time now, as the real estate industry stopped for a while because of a small period of uncertainty regarding the gaming culture in the city. Actually, it stayed like that for a long time.

The Boraie Development LLC’s project of putting up a complex at South Inlet composed of 250 new apartments that will be known as “The Beach,” which is Atlantic City’s first market-rate development project in about two and a half decades.

Boraie is a private company that specializes in real estate development, sales/marketing, and property management.

The website also reports that 61% of the city’s housing stock is older than 40 years old. To top it off, the gaming industry of the location has been paralyzed for around ten years because its neighboring cities are also gearing up their gaming industry. It continued like that to the point that theirs was able to put a halt on Atlantic City’s game culture. The problem is, Atlantic City’s game market was together with the quality of Las Vegas and Macau.

This is why the $81 million apartment complex project of the Boraie Development LLC is seen by Atlantic City as a sign of optimism for the city’s revival, and of gaining more business opportunities. The apartment complex and Atlantic City Gateway project are both seen as some of the new investments in the city that serves as stabilizing forces for the city’s development. Around 50,000 people that make their living in the resort town are expected to live in the new apartments that are paced to open next year.

This new development is also expected to bring in more business and investment opportunities that will contribute to Atlantic City’s growth.

According to WSJ, Boraie Development LLC’s vice president Wasseem Boraie promises that the new apartments will have all the modern amenities one would expect of modern apartment complexes such as gyms, pools, resident lounges, activity hall and other leisure activities. Wasseem added that the new generation of renters know what they want and what they could get with all the information available to them online and assures them that the apartment complex will set the standard of living in Atlantic City.

Sam Boraie believes that in the heart of every project is a team of visionaries and professionals that value the timely completion of contracts as the source of the success of every project.

Boraie Development LLC: Setting a New Standard of Living in Atlantic City

CEO, Sheldon Lavin Continues To Lend Excellent Leadership To OSI Industries

Who Is Sheldon Lavin Of OSI

Sheldon Lavin currently serves as the CEO of OSI Industries Inc. and has years of expertise in the food industry that he proudly brings to his current position. As a graduate from the University Of Illinois School Of Business. He says, he doesn’t plan on slowing down and is glad to have contributed to the international growth of the OSI Industry Inc. He did a recent interview with PRN News financial online and said; OSI is a international powerhouse who continues to exceed the expectations of the standard food industry.

Key Roles Lavin Played In OSI Expansion

Ironically, Lavin has been adamant about the success of international OSI expansion, but he seldom speaks on the role he played. He was proud to discuss their partnership with their Asian and United States clients and says, he would like for their overseas partnerships to mimic the same success as these two have been. In fact, OSI recently celebrated a 20 year presence in China and are looking forward to expanding their organic vegetables to India. His portfolio includes a long list of international executives directly related to the expansion of OSI Industries.

Sheldon Lavin also believes big corporations should give back to the communities they serve. For example, he has always been a strong supporter of the Ronald McDonald house since his professional career. He also has given to the Boys Scouts of America. Lavin donates his time, money, and resources to these local organizations. Lavin has been able to help thousands of disabled and disadvantaged youth. He recent received the Global Visionary Award for his international accomplishments and remains an active part of OSI Industries. A number of executives stand behind Lavin as a top professional associated with the food processing network.

Who Is OSI Industries

OSI Industries Inc. is a top food processing network who is established in Aurora, Illinois. David McDonald, president of OSI is happy to be working alongside Lavin in the food industry network. Together, they have been able to be a key role in the daily operations of OSI Industries, They adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the federal government on food processing to protect the safety of the general public. OSI also offers unique job opportunities in over a global network. You’re invited to visit the OSI Industries Inc. website for more details today.

Learn More:

CEO, Sheldon Lavin Continues To Lend Excellent Leadership To OSI Industries

Advocate for civil, human and migrant rights

The issues of human rights have been a talk or the people for a long time now. Human rights are standards by which every human being should subscribe to without caring the difference that they might have with another human being in terms of physical features.

A human being remains a human being regardless of the color, age or any other differences that may appear. Human beings are equal and they deserve to be treated as such. There is no human being who is mightier than the other. This is the reason why human rights should be applied equally to every person. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Human rights are universal. There is no single person in this world who is not protected by the human rights. These are rights that were passed by the General assembly of the United Nations in 1948 just after the end of Second World War. There were concerns that the world had degraded to very low levels where people did not respect the rights of others.

There was a common consensus that the there was a need for the international community to do more so that there could be justice and stability in the world. There were many acts that were being carried out that were not good for human life. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Acts of killing fellow human being, slavery and discrimination of fellow human beings were not good for the humankind. The charter for human rights was passed in a bid to ensure that the dignity of human life was maintained at all times. It was upon the duty of the nation to ensure that the lives of the people were protected.

The protection of human rights is led by organizations that call themselves rights groups. Under the rights groups, there are a number of categories that work together to accomplish this goal. There are human rights groups, civil right groups and migrants groups.

About Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

This is a group that was established by two journalists from Arizona. They started the group with $3.75 million which they had been granted by the courts of appeal for violation of their rights.

The mission of these two groups is to have an organization that will support other groups in the state to carry out their mandate.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the founders of this group.

Jim and Mike have been victims of rights violations. They were arrested and detained wrongfully. In a bid to ensure that no other person goes through this kind of disturbance.

Advocate for civil, human and migrant rights

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Medical Aesthetic Venture

Dr. Mark McKenna is a professional medical doctor. He is licensed by the Board of Medical Examiners of Florida and Georgia States to practice surgery and medicine. He also advocates for patients. Dr. McKenna is originally from New Orleans. He has an extensive educational background. He attended the Tulane University Medical School and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in medicine. Dr. McKenna also has a Master of Doctor (MD) degree. He started his medical career with his father after his graduation. He is also an MBA holder.

He founded the McKenna Venture Investment, a commercial real estate firm. Dr. McKenna then acquired the Universal Mortgage Lending as well as Uptown Title Incorporation. His portfolio of real estate companies has employees more than 50 employees. The portfolio offers building, design and real estate services.

Before moving to Atlanta, Hurricane Katrina destroyed his property while in New Orleans. He played active roles of redeveloping the town by offering low-income housing plans. After relocating to Atlanta, he founded ShapeMed, an aesthetic medical practice. Dr. Mark, later on, sold ShapeMed to Life Times Fitness Incorporation.

Dr. McKenna founded OVME in 2016. OVME is a medical aesthetic firm applying technology in its operations. He serves as the CEO of the medical firm. Mark is a family man. He is a husband to Gianine McKenna and a father to two children.

Dr. Mckenna’s idea of OVME came from his over ten years working experience in the medical aesthetics industry. He noticed the gaps that were available in the industry and therefore founded OVME to fill the niche. He brings his ideas to life by setting goals on a regular basis and visualizing. Mark also meditates daily. To him, meditation and setting regular goals have facilitated his success.

His habit of reading makes him more productive. One of his best books that he would recommend people to read is “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. Dr. McKenna’s thinking has been influenced by several leaders including Barrack Obama, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg. Interestingly, Mark has never been employed and has been working for himself ever since he graduated from the medical school.

His Twitter Profile:

Dr. Mark McKenna’s Medical Aesthetic Venture