George Soros Advocated For Freedom And Social Change

Very few people have done as much for one single cause as George Soros. He established an organization that would help individuals, and other organizations who are fighting for the freedom to express themselves, and who are seeking government accountability. The organization also supports different societies that are struggling to achieve justice as well as equality. George Soros personally funds his Open Society Foundation which is a global entity that helps improve the quality of life for millions of people in several countries. George Soros has gifted over $32 billion dollars in support of Open Society Foundations. His sizable donations have made him one of the world’s foremost philanthropists.

George Soros is a leader in advocating for social and political improvement. Through his foundations, universities and schools have been provided with fees to assist thousands of students who would not have had the opportunity to attend a school because of where they live, or who they are. This has been a global impact that has increased educational advancements, and social awareness. His funding has also helped support those who have faced many forms of discrimination, especially the Roma people of Europe. It has been very beneficial to people who society has deemed improper like sex workers, drug users, and LGBT individuals.

Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He has experienced societal intolerance and discrimination and injustice first hand. He lived through the Nazi occupation until 1945. His family survived by falsely identifying themselves and their background. They also assisted others in seeking freedom. He later revealed that his family did not submit to the fate that was to be, instead, they resisted the force that was much stronger than they were. In 1947, Soros left Budapest to live in London. He worked odd jobs to support his schooling at the London School of Economics. He emigrated to America in 1956. He started his own organization, Soros Fund Management, and became one of the United States’ most successful investors.

George Soros used his fortune to create The Open society Foundation which is combination of partners, foundations, and projects working in over one hundred countries. It was in 1979 when Soros began his philanthropic acts by giving scholarships to black students of South Africa who were under the apartheid influence. He established the Central European University to support critical thinking, which was an idea that was not fostered at most universities in communist areas. His giving has gone beyond his own organization. He has donated to International Crisis and Global Witness, to name a few.

The largest single gift for George Soros was his donation to his Open Society Foundation in the amount of $18 billion dollars made recently. This was a secret donation that was recently revealed to the media. This donation was in support of the many projects and organizations that have been helped by Open Society. Soros is an avid advocate for democracy as he made a very large donation to the Hilary Clinton Presidential campaign before the last campaign for president.

George Soros Advocated For Freedom And Social Change

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