Paul Mampilly Investor Shares His Thoughts on Bitcoin and Bubble

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager and is currently an investor. He currently resides in Durham, NC and is the founder of Capuchin Consulting. He has won the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition for his success in building mathematical models. Moving from India to the US, he has 25 years of experience in the investing industry, launching his career at Deutsche Bank in 1991 and he has managed both large and small accounts. He later moved to the Kinetics International fund, and he also invested in a drug company which was working on a treatment for muscular dystrophy. These shares sold for a 2000% gain, and Paul Mampilly was happy to take his profit. He has been retired since the age of 42 as a direct result of his successful investment track record.

Paul Mampilly feels that Wall Street is geared toward an elite class of people, which motivated him to start an investing newsletter aimed at ordinary Americans. He knows that Wall Street is a pressure-filled environment which makes you a villain if you make as much as one mistake. He also sees hedge funds being the only investment vehicles that are driven by investor performance. His aim is to make recommendations that are suitable for as many people as possible and he started his business to provide information and knowledge that people need to succeed. He also thinks of ways that he can be wrong before providing advice or making decisions.

His current insight into the cryptocurrency bubble suggests that the current state of cryptocurrency is that there is a possible imminent crash. He doesn’t know exactly when it will happen, but he feels that an investment into bitcoin is possibly unwise. He recalls 1999 when many investors lost significant sums of money when the technology bubble crashed, and likens cryptocurrency to what happened in 1999 and 2000.

Dozens of technology stocks such as Qualcomm and others were up by 1000 percent or more. But, investors quickly found out the hard trough about investing in technology stocks, that they were investing in a bubble when the technology stocks went for a crash. Paul Mampilly, the wise investor, did not lose any money in the resulting tech crash that happened after tech stocks plunged. He recognizes that many people whom own cryptocurrency are millionaires, but the cryptocurrency will crash at some point. Paul Mampilly knows that bubbles tend to crash into smaller fragments.

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Paul Mampilly Investor Shares His Thoughts on Bitcoin and Bubble

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