Ara Chackerian – Wilderness Champion

Ara Chackerian believes that the wilderness should be preserved. He also feels that it is a great natural resource that we can tape into without disrupting the ecosystem. Ara Chackerian is a businessman that is dedicated to provide clients a way to explore and enjoy the wilderness. He offers recreational and athletic venues through his forestry work; which allows his clients to capture resources without harming nature.


Ara Chackerian really believes that by securing nature and the wilderness. By securing nature will offer the opportunity for those in our future to benefit from its resources and beauty. Chackerian uses his expert skills to assist organizations and the public with resource management. Chackerian efforts are to not only acquire resources, but protect the wildlife and preserve the wilderness while doing so.


Ara Chackerian has worked with organizations to design parks and other recreational developments. Most of these developments created are planned to give users the look and feel of a forest. The developments give users the chance to use the area for hiking, bird watching, and the overall beauty and idea of a forest. In addition, public users are informed on how to continue to keep and protect the beauty of this man-made forest-like parks.




Ara Chackerian also uses science in his search for protecting nature. He and other scientists look for ways to create projects scientifically to harvest resources and protect the wilderness. They are constantly looking for ways to prevent diseases that may affect the forest and the wildlife. These strategic plans are created for other agencies and private firms to use as models for harvesting resources without creating a damaging affect on the forest and its wildlife.


The plan is simple: Protect, harvest, and replace. This is the simple philosophy that Ara Chackerian and others are trying to get across to the public and companies. For example; when companies chop down tries for paper or other products, the company should be mindful of how to replenish what they have reaped. Chackerian and others have created an open channel of dialogue to help companies understand and change the way they do business when it comes to natural resources.


Ara Chackerian hopes that with this open dialogue with big businesses will create a responsibility and accountability. This approach is an effort to enhance how wood product producing companies change how they harvest materials. In addition, how replacing harvest material helps the ecosystem continue. Without trees there would be no birds or homes for squirrels, which affects the entire forest. Check out their website



Ara Chackerian is not only a businessman, but a true champion of the wilderness. Although he is much more than a champion for wilderness, he has other entrepreneurial efforts in his portfolio. But his most greatest ethical effort is making sure we have natural resources available in our futures. You can visit their Facebook page.

Ara Chackerian – Wilderness Champion

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