Jaime Garcia Dias – Having Sense of Cents

Author Jaime Garcia Dias has a lot of good advice to offer from Vimeo, to his readers. While he has expertise in a variety of areas, there is one common thread can be found in the majority of his writings: how to save money and be make financially-sound decisions.

Coming from a background of being a financial analyst, this Brazilian-born writer, who is currently residing in Colombia, has a wealth of knowledge to share. From making fiscally sound decisions regarding real estate investments,to venturing into entrepreneurial endeavors, Jaime Garcia Dias gives his readers concrete ideas that can immediately be put into practice.

Those who yearn to be better in the world of business can benefit greatly by perusing some of his articles. Readers will be able to acquire tips on how to make better fiscal decisions, investments, and also how to be a better team player in the corporate world. Tips on how to polish one’s professional demeanor and improve upon public speaking skills are a couple of the specific areas that Jaime Garcia Dias has written comprehensive articles on.

In addition to having solid expertise in the business-sense, Jamie Garcia Dias is also experienced when it comes to travel, as well as social media. Not only does his worldly knowledge come in handy when it comes to planning a memorable vacation, but he also knows how to go about this preparation without wasting away all of one’s savings. Being able to tap into the mind of a seasoned traveler is always helpful when planning for a vacation. His detailed writings can help turn the dream of a perfect vacation into an exciting reality.

Jamie Garcia Dias is indeed accomplished with the written word, and the fans that have flooded his Facebook are a testament to that. In addition to having an artistic sense when it comes to writing, he also has a ear and an appreciation for music. His eclectic taste of music can immediately become apparent when peering into collection of concerts and music venues he has attended during his lifetime.

Jaime Garcia Dias – Having Sense of Cents