Eric Lefkofsky And His Company Is Using Data Analytics To Change The World Of Cancer Medicine

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded a company called Tempus Labs and throughout the three years of its existence, it has collaborated with various cancer centers in America. The company is working towards revolutionizing cancer medicine by sequencing data of patients.

In the past, Tempus was featured on a list put together by Dr. Eric Topol. His list includes advances in technology that has appeared in headlines throughout the year. The list features advances that promise to shape and change medicine sometime in the near future.

Tempus Labs made a number of advancements, which is why it earned a mentioned. One of the technologies they’ve been working on is gene editing and gene therapy. These are two bio-technologies that have been used for in what were once thought as un-treatable diseases.

Eric and his company are expected to work towards changing the world of cancer medicine. The motivation behind the company’s work is to provide the care and love cancer patients need during one of the toughest periods of their lives.

Eric Lefkofsky: More About Him

Besides being one of the founders of Tempus, he is a founding partner of a venture fund called Lightbank, whose objective is to invest in disruptive tech. He is also one of the founders of Uptake Technologies. Eric is a serial entrepreneur and businessman who has founded, co-founded or invested in many companies.

Eric Lefkofsky started a foundation in 2006, and it’s called the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. It’s a charitable foundation that he and his wife founded. That’s not the only charitable venture he is involved with. He serves as a trustee of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Laurie Children’s hospital, which is located in Chicago. The businessman studied and graduated from University of Michigan with a Juris Doctor degree. He is also an adjunct professor in Chicago.

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Eric Lefkofsky And His Company Is Using Data Analytics To Change The World Of Cancer Medicine

Dr. David Samadi helps men to restore their sexuality after prostate surgery using SMART Technique

The word prostate cancer breaks a nerve in every man whenever it is mentioned. The biggest worry to most men is not whether they will get treated, but how their sexual life will be after the treatment. The most effective treatment for prostate cancer is undergoing prostate surgery which removes the cancer cells from the body.

Fortunately, most of the men with prostate cancer have a reason to smile after Dr. Samadi, a New York urologists devised a minimally invasive technique for prostate surgery. Dr. David Samadi is one of the most experienced urologists in U.S after spending many years doing research on prostate cancer. Dr. David Samadi is an established robotic surgeon who has conducted more than seven thousand minimally invasive surgeries. He is among the few surgeons who have performed the highest number of surgeries.

Education and early life

David Samadi was brought up in a harsh environment in Iran. He was born and raised in a humble family, but they were separated from the rest of the family during the 1979 Iranian Revolution. David together with his brother Dan made their way to Belgium where they survived on their own without a parent or guardian to watch over them. Lucky enough, David was a bright child. He landed a fully funded scholarship which afforded him to school in Belgium and London before finally moving to the U.S. David Samadi completed his high school studies in Roslyn, New York. He went on to enroll for a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and topped it up with postgraduate studies in urology and proctology.

Development of SMART Technique

Dr. David Samadi is the brains behind SMART surgery (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique). This is an advanced surgery technique that takes place in under 90 minutes. Patients who are operated using this technique remain in hospital for 1-2 days after which they are released from the hospital. The technique has been praised for reducing patient recovery time and reducing the overall damage occurring after prostate surgery. Dr. David Samadi notes that the main aim of this technique is to effectively remove prostate cancer and preserve sexual function of the patient.

Dr. David’s comments during an interview with Ideamensch

Dr. David was interviewed by Ideamensch where he revealed how his typical day looks like. He wakes up at 4:30 A.M every morning and arrives at his office by 6:00 A.M. His days are always busy where he performs surgeries 2-3 times a week. Dr. David Samadi checks up on his patients to ensure that they are okay.

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Dr. David Samadi helps men to restore their sexuality after prostate surgery using SMART Technique

Cancer Rsearch, Clay Siegall & The Fight Against Cancer

Chemotherapy and other cancer fighting medications of the past are being sidelined for more efficient treatments. Yes, these powerful medications have their place in fighting cancer, but many of them are very aggressive. Cancer fighting medications of today are powerful, but they’re much more progressive in nature. This progressive action is heaven-sent because it strips away a lot of the negative side effects that are associated with cancer treatments. Breakthrough therapies such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are easier to work with than specific treatments of the past. The patient will receive less of the nasty side effects while completely destroying cancer cells in the body.

When it comes to understanding cancer treatment, Dr. Clay Siegall of Seattle Genetics ranks high on the list. Siegall has been thoroughly trained to deal with this deadly disease, and he has put in the work to do so. This guy has 15 patents under his belt, he has won multiple industry-related awards on the subject, and he has been involved with cancer research for three decades. Siegall’s first-hand accounting of this disease comes from when he was a college student. During this time, his father was stricken with the illness. Siegall noticed just how brutal the illness could be on the human body, and this brutality is what lit the fire inside of him. Thanks to already having an interest in the subject, Siegall became fully focused in bringing much more efficient treatments to the forefront. In 1998, he became a founder of a startup company that specialized in fighting cancer. Times were very hard in the initial years and the company didn’t start to turn big profits until 10 years after its IPO.

As of today, that startup company has manifested into a major player in the fight against cancer. What more could you ever ask for and what else does Siegall have to do to fully beat this deadly illness? Those are the million dollar questions, but Dr. Clay Siegall’s resume speaks for itself.

Cancer Rsearch, Clay Siegall & The Fight Against Cancer