Robert Deignan: The Brilliant Leader At ATS Digital Services

Being a business leader is not something that everyone can do. It is a certain kind of job that requires skill, knowledge, and commitment to the field that one is working in. Many other qualities go into making someone a good leader, and it is something that can be cultivated over time if given the right kind of exposure.

When it comes to examples of successful business leaders, Robert Deignan is one name that stands out for the work that he has done. Robert Deignan serves as the CEO to ATS Digital Services, which was a company that he founded several years ago. Robert Deignan has been majorly responsible for the development that the company has been seeing and the growth that it is currently experiencing. Because of his incredible skill with regards to the field, and because of his insight into the finer aspects of the company, he has taken ATS Digital Services to new heights, making it the well-known name that it is today.

One of the reasons why Robert Deignan has become such an incredible leader today is because of the experiences that he has had and the qualifications that he possesses. One of the degrees that Robert Deignan earned when he was studying in University was that for Organizational Leadership. The degree was something that greatly benefitted Robert Deignan as he moved along through his career.

Another reason why Robert Deignan has become such an incredible leader to the company is that of the past work experience that he has. Even though he started working as an entrepreneur straight after graduating, he was always keen on learning different aspects of different businesses. These initial years of his career were spent working towards improving his skill and knowledge, which is something that contributed to him being the notable lawyer that he currently is.

Robert Deignan played a significant role in the image overall that the company experienced a few years ago. Before being known as ATS Digital Services, the company that Robert Deignan founded went by the name of Inbound Call Experts.

Robert Deignan: The Brilliant Leader At ATS Digital Services

Sahm Adrangi

Hedge funder Sahm Adrangi is the CIO of his New York, NY establishment called Kerrisdale Capital Management, LLC. He founded the investment management firm back in 2009 and has made sure to oversee every aspect of its development ever since their start. It was noted that Sahm Adrangi launched his company with a little under a million dollars, the firm has approximately $150 million in assets under management as of July, 2017. His private firm is known to bet for or against public company stocks. This has allowed the company to increase their annual return to roughly 28 percent in five consecutive years alone, and what Sahm Adrangi knows.

Prior to the founding of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi used to serve as an investment analyst at Longacre Fund Management, LLC in the early 2000’s before the company went out of business. Longacre Fund Management used to be a billion dollar distressed debt hedge fund. While working there, Mr. Adrangi would conduct research and investment analysis for both equity and credit funds. He also had a position at Chanin Capital Partners, a firm that dealt with bankruptcy restructurings. He would mostly have to advise creditors out of court and help them through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring process. Before Chanin Capital Partners, he held a short-term position at Deutsche Bank and would help the financial institution by structuring their high-yield bonds, syndicate non-investment bank debt and debt refinancing among other tasks, and resume him.

Sahm Adrangi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Yale University. He used to write columns for Yale’s campus newspaper, which he would find enjoyment sharing his ideologies freely without any barriers. Mr. Adrangi’s company, Kerrisdale Capital Management started right from his East Village apartment that he shared with three other friends. His private investment management firm is still in practice and has now reached high-profile status, and read full article.

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Sahm Adrangi

Sushi Otto Gains World Recognition Thanks to Omar Yunes

Successfully running projects is what Omar Yunes knows best. Moreover, Mr. Yunes is very much aware that expanding a restaurant isn’t a one-step thing. Omar Yunes is a franchise owner with a lot of knowledge and experience. He is familiar with the right ways to perform different duties for the success of his projects. As a result of the decisions made by Omar Yunes, Sushi Itto is presently one of the best restaurants in the world. His main focus is to make the restaurant even better. What makes Omar Yunes different from other franchise owners is the way he handles his restaurants. Most franchise owners have little to no idea on how to perfectly handle their establishments.


The World Best Franchise Competition

In 2005, Omar Yunes received the Best Franchise of the World award. This is an honorable and very distinguishable title to receive. The competition held in Florence, Italy included people from countries such as France, Portugal, Mexico, Hungary, and Spain. Before being selected to compete with people from the rest of the world, Omar Yunes had to compete with people from his home country and what Omar Yunes knows.

The purpose of this competition is to recognize and award talented leaders. The event judges look at features such as the personalities and creative styles of leaders, the saving programs implemented, the improvements made to networks not forgetting the knowledge leaders pour into companies. Successful franchises have to exhibit all these features among others and contact him.

The franchise of Sushi Itto is Omar Yunes. He has shown remarkable success in his network than most establishments see in their lifetime. Mr. Yunes bought the franchise long ago at age twenty-one. Ever since, he has expanded it into thirteen units. He employs approximately four hundred workers and is committed to keeping his customers and employees satisfied. The fact that Omar Yunes added a unique spin to the usual franchisee and franchise relationship made him beat other competitors and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

The second representative sent by Mexico together with Omar Yunes to compete in the finals was Ivan Tamer. He received an award for a new marketing system he had installed within his chain of franchises known as Prendamex and more information click here.

Sushi Otto Gains World Recognition Thanks to Omar Yunes

” Talk Fusion’s Founder, Bob Reina, Brings Technology and Marketing Expertise to HuffPost “

Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina, has published two new articles on HuffPost amidst its continuous rebranding. Bob Reina’s first article went live on April 2017, one day before The Huffington Post rebranded to HuffPost. Bob Reina’s latest article went live this morning. By changing its name and focus, HuffPost looks forward to narrating insightful stories. Its initiative resonates with Bob Reina’s mission as Talk Fusion’s leader and contributor.


Bob Reina firmly believes in the art of innovation. For him, a brand’s growth is never enough. As a philanthropist and leader, Bob Reina devotes to helping people succeed in their ventures regardless of their background and place of residence. Since August 2016, Bob Reina has published several articles on HuffPost. Bob Reina’s contributor platform highlights insightful topics such as lifestyle, self-development, entrepreneurship, marketing, and video technology trends, and skillful selling. With the re-launch of their brand, Bob Reina feels pleased to see that HuffPost devotes to helping people gain insight on the things that matter. He devotes to sharing more insightful articles not only with Talk Fusion’s associates but with HuffPost’s readers. Additional information about Talk Fusion and more articles about Bob Reina are available on the company’s press page and


Talk Fusion’s Background Information


Talk Fusion pioneered the creation of the world’s first fully-packaged video marketing platform. The Florida-based video marketing company devotes to helping business owners retain their customers, increase sales and profitability, and thrive in a competitive environment. Talk Fusion offers dynamic and yet conservative marketing techniques to make marketing more persuasive and engaging. Learn more:


Talk Fusion markets its video marketing solutions through its Independent Associates in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion’s 30 day Free Trials of fully-packaged video marketing solution is available to anyone who would wish to try before purchasing. In fact, you don’t need a credit card. Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is passionate about supporting charitable initiatives. It offers financial aid to communities and animal charities around the world. Bob Reina has over two decades of experience in video marketing and direct sales industries. Learn more:


” Talk Fusion’s Founder, Bob Reina, Brings Technology and Marketing Expertise to HuffPost “