How Evolution Of Smooth Become One Of The Top Lip Balm Brands

What Is Evolution Of Smooth?

EOS lip balm is a beauty product company and lip balm brand. The main product made and sold by Evolution of Smooth is its unique line of lip balms It also manufactures and sells hand lotion, body lotion and shaving cream.

How Evolution Of Smooth Broke Through In The Marketplace

Evolution of Smooth is a relative newcomer to the lip balm industry. It was only founded several years ago. The company has managed to come from an unknown upstart to the number two best selling lip brand in the United States by shaking up the lip balm industry with its bold new ideas.

Before Evolution of Smooth came to be, all of the lip balms found in the drugstore were sold in cylindrical tube packaging. There was limited flavor options, often cherry, original or mint. Most were chemical or petroleum based. The lip industry was stagnant and had little change for almost a hundred years.

Then came along Evolution of Smooth who launched a bold new type of packaging. Its lip balms were packaged in spherical plastic packages. The balm was easy to remove and apply. There was no need to twist open a cap and turn a knob to bring out the lip balm.

A whole variety of different flavors was added. They included strawberry, pomegranate, blueberry, blackberry and vanilla. Users now had their choice of over a dozen different flavors. The great variety of flavors, combined with easy to use, distinct and attractive packaging set Evolution of Smooth lip balms ( from its competitors. It quickly gained a following among younger people.

Almost a million packages of EOS lip balm is sold every week now. It is valued at being worth over $250 million dollars. With the demand for lip balm only increasing, Evolution of Smooth is only expected to grow in sales in the future. It has surpassed Chapstix and may soon be on the heels of Burt’s Bees. The products are sold online thru eBay or at


How Evolution Of Smooth Become One Of The Top Lip Balm Brands