Kabbalah Center’s Commitment To Making A Difference.

In life, we seek to have good health, to have great relationships, enjoy financial freedom and to live a more fulfilling life. The above things are rarely achieved but the moment we understand the right tools that are needed to unlock life’s mysteries we can achieve them. Kabbalah involves teachings based on ancient wisdom that seeks to clarify how life and the universe work. It equips people with the right tools and wisdom to understand the world system as described in Torah (Bible). The teachings are based on Kabbalistic writings and wisdom of great Kabbalists.

Kabbalah teaches the branches of our lives such as relationships, careers and health. The principles that are taught apply to people of all faiths and religions. This means that it is not an alternative to Christianity, Islam, Judaism or Buddhism rather it is a supplement. The teachings seek to remove chaos in the world and improve people’s life. When chaos is eliminated, they should be replaced with peace, unity and love. These values will ensure more fulfilling lives. There is a firm belief in astrology and the need to understand the cosmic forces that seem to affect everything. There is also strong belief in a direct and clear connection to the Light (God) though violence and harmful behaviors hinder it.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded Kabbalah.com which provides students with the wisdom of Kabbalah. He was succeeded by Philip Berg who together with his wife Karen, have developed Kabbalah centers. The centers offer courses on Kabbalistic teachings and Zohar through online, study groups, regional and city centers. There are about 50 locations across the world with the headquarters being in Los Angeles California. The students are not coerced into any spirituality but are equipped with information to apply into their lives.

The centre is a supportive community where the students have the potential of developing relationships with like-minded people, exchange ideas and also growing spiritually. Other than teaching the center is involved in charity work and relief projects. The kind acts and sound teachings have attracted prominent people and celebrities. Kabbalah Centre’s Volunteer Program enables students to share and give themselves in visiting the sick, feeding the homeless and other charitable works. Kabbalah is passionate about making a positive difference in the world. Visit their website for more information about getting started on your spiritual path.

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Kabbalah Center’s Commitment To Making A Difference.