Jeunesse Global formulates perfect multivitamin with AM PM Essentials

Jeunesse Global has become the fastest-growing direct-marketer of health and beauty products in the world. The company has risen from humble beginnings. Founded in the garage of a retired Florida couple, Jeunesse was able to quickly develop some of the most cutting-edge products in the beauty world through the expertise and industry connections of its founders, industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis.

One of the company’s most successful products has been its AM PM Essentials multivitamin. The vitamin is formulated specifically for two distinct phases of the day: the workday and nighttime. AM PM Essentials is the answer that many busy professionals have been looking for. It is able to provide maximum alertness and concentration during business hours while also allowing users to effectively wind down at night, ensuring that they get a good night’s rest.

AM Essentials contains a number of key vitamins and minerals. These include vitamins A through K as well as B6 and B12. PM Essentials is a proprietary blend of natural relaxing agents. The blend is specifically designed to counteract the effects of any stimulants that may have been used during the day while allowing users to get to sleep fast and stay asleep, waking up refreshed and ready to face the next day.

AM PM Essentials is just one of the many products included in the Jeunesse Global Youth Enhancement System. A suite of more than a dozen health-promoting products, the Youth Enhancement System allows Jeunesse customers to get all of their health and beauty needs in one complete package. When sold in bundle form, the Youth Enhancement System costs far less than it would to procure any of the individual products. And Jeunesse products are generally priced very competitively relative to competing brands.

Like all Jeunesse Global products, the Youth Enhancement System and its constituent products, like AM PM Essentials, are only available through authorized Jeunesse Global distributors. If you do not have a Jeunesse Global distributor of which you are aware in your immediate area, you may consult the Jeunesse Global website for more information about how to get ahold of these revolutionary and youth-enhancing products.

Jeunesse Global formulates perfect multivitamin with AM PM Essentials

Brian Torchin Fills The Medical Field With Quality Experts

Brian Torchin is increasing the quality of healthcare through his company called Health Care Recruitment Counselors (‘HCRC’) Staffing. HCRC is an online resource that helps to staff the medical field. Health professions can find employment jobs successfully through Mr. Torchin’s system.

Brian saw that graduates in the healthcare industry where not able to find the right employment in their medical niche like a physician assistant, chiropractic professional, a front desk assistant, a billing manager, a healthcare office manager, paralegals, and more.

Therefore, he decided to help this process by creating HCRC which helps medical professionals through employment counseling and placement. Through Torchin’s leadership, HCRC is placing healthcare practitioners around the world in their preferred medical field. Brian and HCRC help individuals in the medical field from beginning to their verified employment.

Not only are recruits helped by HCRC counseling, but their clients also get top-rated medical staff, and the healthcare field in the U.S. is filled with quality medical experts. HCRC is a full-service staffing firm that not only provides counseling, but provides personnel training and performs quality background checks. HCRC is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but they have offices in all 50 states, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Glassdoor revealed that Brian Torchin has a Bachelor’s degree in sports science from the University of Delaware including a degree in the chiropractor field from the New York Chiropractic College. He has worked for many years in the chiropractic field. He also has years of experience in creating and staffing medical offices throughout Delaware, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

With his staffing experience and his staffing proficiency, these skills led Brian Torchin to form HCRC Staffing in 2007 which has grown exponentially and operates world-wide. HCRC Staffing carries a reputation of honesty, professionalism, and integrity, making it a world leader as a healthcare recruiting practice.

Brian believes in the direct access principle by making himself available to healthcare professionals via social media where he posts job openings and writes in-depth blogs about the healthcare industry.

Brian Torchin Fills The Medical Field With Quality Experts

The Ideal Screening Services at Life Line Screening

It is a general recommendation to always seek medical advice whenever you feel any vagaries of discomfort in your internal organs. This is because your problem can only be demystified and addressed by a qualified medical practitioner upon screening of the organ in question. The medical realm has advanced quite significantly with regards to offering screening services as it is now possible to screen various organs and determine the health impediments that plague them.

A significant manifestation of this advancement is the Life Line Screening Company. This is Austin, Texas-based Company that was founded in 1993 and envisages offering various screening services such as blood screens and ultrasound scans across the United States in order to determine health hazards and counteract them before they become malignant to their patients’ health.

Since the screening process is quite critical, the patients are expected to make the necessary preparations to ensure that the established results are precise. These preparations often revolve around clothing and food intake. Patients are thus advised to prepare as follows:

• Before any process of screening, you must keep your mobile phone turned off and desist from wearing accessories such as watches and earrings
• For Carotid disease screening, it is advisable to wear a shirt with an open collar rather than turtlenecks
• It is also generally advisable to wear a short-sleeved shirt to make it easy for the practitioner to use the blood pressure cuffs
• You must also ensure that you fast for at least 12 hours before undergoing a screening for any glucose related ailment and complete lipid panel screening
• It is also advisable to wear loose clothing when being screened for Arterial fibrillation
• Diabetic patients also need to ensure that they stick to their medication as prescribed before any screening is done
• Finally, when being screened for Peripheral arterial disease, it is always recommended not to wear pantyhose.

While being screened at Life Line Screening, patients should expect a painless and non-intrusive process that mostly requires just a few drops of blood. One indispensable advantage of being screened is the fact that it enables you to establish whether you have any malignant complications in your organs and enables you to avert any health hazards that may be posed by the same. Life Screening is definitely one of the most remarkable institutions that have ever been established in the medical realm.

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The Ideal Screening Services at Life Line Screening

What Oncotarget Has Done for Doctors

Doctors who are in different specialties may struggle to be able to connect with each other. This is something that they have been working on for years and it has put somewhat of a hinderance on what doctors are able to do because they are really only able to study different treatment methods in their chosen area of medicine. This is something that has changed over the years and is now something that is going to be different based on the information that Oncotarget has for people. Because of the way that Oncotarget was put together, doctors can make the choice to connect with each other and can learn more about the different things that are going on in other areas of medicine.

It not only allows doctors the chance to branch out in their own field of medicine but to also branch out and find out more information about the other types of medicine available to people.Since Oncotarget was created by an oncologist, it is something that has a primary focus in oncology and different methods for cancer treatment but it has been able to help people who are in other areas of medicine, too. Because of the opportunities that people have when they are studying medicine, Oncotarget has been a great change and has been something that people will be able to benefit from no matter what they are doing.

Oncotarget has been easy for people to try and make all of the right choices and that has given people the chance to learn more about medicine.When the peer review publication was first started, it was something that people could learn about and get more information from. It is now something that even students are able to learn about in the different areas of medicine. No matter what type of doctor a student is studying to be, he or she can get the best experience possible from Oncotarget. They can learn about the different things that can be done to help people who have cancer as well as the different things that can be done for people who have other issues.

What Oncotarget Has Done for Doctors

Eric Lefkovsky’s Solution to Cancer Research

Today’s medical research on cancer is sorely lacking; researchers need more data. The data exists in abundance, but clinicians need to combine both genomic and therapeutic data to find working cancer treatments that are applicable to patients. Once this is accomplished, researchers can start working on definitive treatments to combat cancer.

Medications for cancer have varying success rates, and a given drug that may work for one patient doesn’t necessarily work for another. The problem is that researchers are not given all the variables that make up every patient’s physical response, such as other medication, family history and other illnesses. Without this information, clinicians are left with a trial and error approach to treatment.

Eric Lefkovsky, the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, is determined to improve treatment care for cancer patients. Tempus is a platform that collects patient data and allows researchers to use the information. They look for patterns to show how a given treatment affects groups of people. The technology is dedicated to analyzing genomic data in clinical settings in order to improve cancer research treatment effectiveness. Levkofsky started Tempus after his wife was diagnosed with cancer and he saw the need for oncologists to have free access to data.

Levkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan Law School and moved on to become a successful entrepreneur. In addition to Tempus, Lefkovsky is a founding partner of Lightbank, the co-founder and chairman of Groupon and co-founder of Uptake Technologies. He also works for several other technology media based companies.

In 2006, he founded the Lefkovsky Family Foundation with his wife to advance charitable, scientific, medical or educational organizations. Lefkovsky has donated to numerous projects and foundations over the years, but arguably the most notable contributions have been his generous donations to health care and research. He has given over $1,000,000 to different healthcare organizations, including John Hopkins, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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Eric Lefkovsky’s Solution to Cancer Research

Another Mode Of Transmission Of The Zika Virus Confirmed


If you watch the news you have undoubtedly heard about the Zika virus. This is not a new, previously unknown threat to health. As doctor Sergio Cortes reports, the virus was initially isolated in 1947 from a rhesus macaque monkey in the Ugandan Zika Forest. It is related to the West Nile virus, the yellow fever virus, and the dengue fever virus. Although there is no vaccine available, the symptoms of infection in adults range from nonexistent to a mild fever with a rash. Most cases resolve in 2 to 3 days with bed rest and fluids. The main danger is when the virus affects the fetus of pregnant women. Severe brain damage may occur in the unborn child.

The Zika virus is transmitted by mosquito bites. Until recently, it was assumed that transmission did not occur by other means of close contact. However, a patient in Texas has spread the virus through sexual contact according to the Dallas County Health and Human Services Department. This is the first case of transmission inside the USA.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and other agencies are alarmed at how fast the virus is spreading. For example, over 4,000 cases of microcephaly have been reported since October 2015 in Brazil alone. Microcephaly is the term applied to an infant whose head is much smaller than average. This neurological condition may cause poor brain function, seizures, convulsions, spastic quadriplegia, and reduced life expectancy.

Another Mode Of Transmission Of The Zika Virus Confirmed