Save Big Money by Calling Sunny Plumber

We can keep money in your pocket in a variety of occasions in your home or business.. Our wide range of expertise will cover an entire household of plumbing works from pipes and drainage to water softeners and water heaters. In the business world, plumbing is especially effective, especially in restaurants. Don’t let plumbing problems blow you out of the water before the day starts. Call The Sunny Plumber right away.

Water Heaters

We sell and service every type of water heater from industrial boilers to tankless water heater varieties. When you sit on a water heater that needs to be serviced, you lose money on electricity because it may not be running efficiently. That is the reason water heating manufacturers provide recommended maintenance schedules. Your equipment struggles to heat the water when minerals build up or vital wiring is corroded. General maintenance will make plumbing equipment that will use electricity frugally and equipment will last longer..

Garbage Disposal and Drainage

Time is money in a business setting and even in a home kitchen. You don’t want to stand around waiting for water to drain. And, if the garbage disposal malfunctions, you could end up spending extra money on pest control due to contaminants. That’s something you should avoid by calling an expert trusted by homes and businesses in the Tucson area, Sunny Plumber.


Needless to say, a leaky faucet will waste water, but did you realize that leaks can go unnoticed in various areas. Check under sinks, around water softeners and reverse osmosis processors, which we also sell and service, as well as water heaters. Sunny Plumber also provides a service which remotely checks for leaks in areas which are more difficult to inspect on a daily basis

Trusted Service

Call us any time, whether it’s after hours, weekends or holidays. We don’t charge extra. Or visit us on Better yet, ask us about the Sunshine Club. Plumbing and Mechanical Magazine describes The Sunny Plumber as a top of the line service provider.

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Save Big Money by Calling Sunny Plumber