Aloha Construction: Range of Services, and the Benefits of Hiring their Services

There are many roofing companies in the Lake Zurich neighborhood, but one of the most reputed ones is Aloha Construction. The company is family-owned, and they are both insured and bonded to provide roofing services. Aloha Construction offers its services to residents of Cook, Lake McHenry, McClean, Tazewell and Champaign Counties. They have two offices in Lake Zurich, and Bloomington.

The main reason why Aloha Construction is a reputed roofing company is because of their business ethics. Their customer service provision is comparable to none. For many years now, they have helped the community around them to install, or repair their homes. The company has also been actively involved in community development projects. They also organize charity activities within the area to make an impact on the lives of the less fortunate.

Range of Services

Whether you want to renovate your home, or you need some repairs done after a storm, the team at Aloha Construction will help you fix the issue. The company is mainly known for their expertise in roofing. A leader in roofing installation, and replacement services, the technicians handle all kinds of roofing works. Whether it is a metal roof, or a cedar shake, you can rest assured that the team will do a great job.

Another service which the company offers is window installation, and replacement services. The company also repairs and replaces siding. Their team has experience, and expertise in handling wood, brick, aluminum, or even fiber cement siding. The team also repairs, and installs gutters.

One of the benefits of hiring the services of Aloha Construction is that they are driven by their passion for the Lake Zurich community. They tailor their services to suit the unique needs of all their clients. Another advantage of using their services is that they source their products from trusted suppliers locally, and internationally.

When you want experts to work on your roofing, siding, or gutters, contacting the professionals is easy. You can visit their offices, or give them a call. They also have an official website, where you can contact them.

Aloha Construction: Range of Services, and the Benefits of Hiring their Services

Handy Provides A Cleaning Service For All

Handy is a house cleaning service for all, and it was created for the busy American who cannot clean their own home. Housecleaning is a profession that requires quite a few clients to fill a week’s worth of work, and the website at Handy brings together cleaners and their clients. This article explains how Handy gives cleaners new clients, clients lower prices and makes households functional again.

#1: The Cleaners Need New Clients

Cleaners come to Handy as they may create their own services page. The services page for a cleaner explains everything they do as a part of their work, and the page provides guidance for the homeowner seeking a cleaning service. Cleaners are available in all areas of the country, and homeowners may search for a cleaner based on location or services offered. See,

#2: Homeowners Need Instant Results

Homeowners are loathe to spend their time searching for a house cleaner aimlessly. The Internet is filled with house cleaning services, but they are not aggregated for the betterment of the customer. Customers who come to Handy see every service in the same place, and they may send a message to the cleaner before service is scheduled.

#3: Fair Prices

Handy charges a small fee for every appointment booked through the service, and cleaners will make more money on-average. Homeowners do not have much to spend when in need of a cleaning service, and they will save with every new appointment made at Handy. Cleaners are making good money on every job, and they may plan their daily income while finding new customers online.

#4: Customer Satisfaction is a site where customers may complain if they have issues with their cleaners. Cleaners may write reviews of clients who are not good to them, and the information on the site grows as new reviews are printed. Consumers who need extra information on the service they will receive may check each review on the site.

The finest home cleaners are found on Handy with their services pages. Homeowners may hire a cleaner, and they will pay a fair price for services rendered.


Handy Provides A Cleaning Service For All