The Dangers of Fast Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is very expensive. It can cost as much as 50% of an annual salary to replace only an entry level worker. For a worker on the executive level, it can cost 400% of an annual salary.
Even though turnover is inevitable, there are ways to lower the turnover rate and to keep your employees working for your company. It is important that your employees like working for your company and feel motivated. According to Yahoo Finance, one way is incentivized goals for working hard and producing good results. It can be an extra bonus in the paycheck, or a paid vacation to Costa Rica. Not only will it motivate the workers to work hard, but it’ll also keep them around. Acknowledging accomplishments is also important. Everyone likes to know when they are doing a good job and praising employees for excellent work raises morale. You should also keep your employees in the loop about company news. Nothing makes employees feel unvalued like not telling them about important developments in the company.

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The Dangers of Fast Employee Turnover