Doe Deere Leading The Trendy Brand Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the inventor of the distinctive vegan friendly product Lime Crime. With its bold colors and unique charm Lime Crime has evolved into a popular known brand.

Doe Deere has been providing the public with a brand that is like no other on the market since the year 2008. Doe Deere loves that her company Lime Crime is distinctive and stands out in the beauty industry. Lime Crime provides pure vegan beauty products and is against testing products on animals. Lime Crime is very much involved with charity that is associated with benefiting animals.

In 2018 Lime Crime plans to explore the possibilities with the color purple. Various shades of purple will be explored and brought forth with this brand. In 2018 at some point Venus III Eyeshadow Palette will be available to purchase by Lime Crime.

Doe Deere has mentioned during interviews some advice she would give to other inspiring females that have an interest in starting a business. Doe Deere suggest for females looking to start a business to research the market and be determined to discover the next revolution in the industry. She also inspires females to be in tune with inner thoughts and feelings. She inspires females to be aware of what one loves/likes and to think about what one wants to happen in one’s business. As an aspiring and motivational leading female entrepreneur Doe Deere is always encouraging other females to be determined and persistent running a business. Doe Deere empowers females to have great perseverance and determination in the beauty industry.

Lime Crime has evolved since being established. It consistently continues to grow and develop. When Lime Crime was first established Doe Deere was the one formulating each and every product. As of today due to its continued growth and popularity Lime Crime is made up of a team of individuals that handle formulating each and every product. As a team Doe Deere and her employees work very hard to get each and every product formulations just perfect. If a Lime Crime product is not perfectly formulated and completely believed in by Doe Deere and the team than the product is not made.

Lots of glitter, unicorn inspired makeup, and a touch of whimsical feelings is trending currently in the beauty industry. Some of Lime Crime’s products are full of glitter, inspired by unicorn colors, and provide the whimsical appearance. Lime Crime’s trending products fit into the trend of self-expression and being unique. Lime Crime’s palettes are unique because each of its palettes concentrates on a particular look/style. Lime Crime takes the time to truly capture the quintessence of each and every product. Lime Crime uses social media to communicate with clienteles and to listen to suggested ideas that lead to more successful products. Lime Crime also uses social media to discuss what products will eventually be launched to the public.

In conclusion, Lime Crime is an amazing brand that continues to be a trending delight. Learn more:

Doe Deere Leading The Trendy Brand Lime Crime

Doe Deere: Go Where You Love

Have you ever heard of Doe Deere? If you know anything about Lime Crime, an extremely colorful cosmetic company, then you might have seen the name Doe Deere somewhere. Doe Deere is an extremely influential entrepreneur in the beauty industry. She has been capable of turning the cosmetic world upside down in order to appeal to a more creative and daring audience. Her fans and followers, who are referred to as unicorns, are unique individuals who have a fondness for originality. This is exactly what Doe Deere has set out to do, and she has been instrumental in accomplishing her goals. But how do successful entrepreneurs like Doe Deere excel in their dreams?

In an interview found on Guest of a Guest, Doe Deere provides sound advice for young, ambitious women. Her best advice is to follow your heart. That’s because Doe Deere believes every person out there has something special about them. It could be a unique skill or quality that only they have in this gigantic world. Doe Deere believes that when you hone in on your unique skills, you start to blossom, which is how you reach your fullest potential.

One of Doe Deere’s favorite things to say is “go where you love.” In the interview, she says that by using that expression, you can further explore your highest potential. Doe Deere also explains the value of being in touch with yourself – such as your emotions, your interests, your dislikes, and all aspects of your personality. This helps you to understand your strengths and how you can provide your own unique skill set to the table.

Doe Deere, the Queen of Unicorns, certainly explored her personality. At seventeen she was able to achieve her biggest dream of moving to New York and becoming a musician. About nine years after her music career, Doe Deere realized that there was a lack of fun, colorful cosmetic options out there. As the interview in Guest of a Guest mentions, there were only beige colors that were appropriate for a natural look. Doe Deere sought out to provide makeup lovers around the globe something unachievable at the time: bright and daring cosmetic options.

Lime Crime was invented in order to create these beautiful and colorful makeup options for cosmetic lovers all over. Thanks to Doe Deere’s ability to dream big, she has helped many makeup lovers to achieve their cosmetic goals. Learn more:

Doe Deere: Go Where You Love

Example of an Entrepreneurs Journey With Doe Deere

While certain aspects of an entrepreneur’s journey may vary, each journey has a lot of the same beats. The first step is the decision to be an entrepreneur or find some kind of activity where people can work for themselves more and profit from their efforts. One of the most important aspects of the journey is to decide on the industry to work in. Then within the industry, it is important for people to figure out the niche they can work in. This is the most important part because the niche is one of the most specific aspects of the industry.

For Doe Deere, her industry is fashion and beauty. Her niche is unique make up. She has chosen to be very specific because she has a certain type of make up that she wants to sell. For one thing, she has seen health and beauty as one of the artistic industries and has wanted to bring out the artistic aspects of it for her company and the consumer. Doe Deere has started up Lime Crime as a company that sells high quality unique make up. One thing that is very unique is the color of different types of make up such as lipstick and blush as well as hair dye.

After getting the product and the merchandising out of the way, she has decided on the type of approach she is going to take to marketing. Her choice in marketing has turned out to be very interesting in that she has taken an approach that none of the other make up sellers have taken. Instead of showing the make up on a sheet, she has decided to market each make up product by applying it on herself and showing it in action. This is actually a smart move because it gives people a better idea on what the product will look like when applied.

One of the best aspects of Lime Crime by Doe Deere is that there is a lot of room for creativity. The limits that are often imposed on make up and beauty are lifted. Therefore, people are going to be able to enjoy all of the benefits that come with make up and finding their own look. They can also inspire others with their creativity and encourage others to try the product and come up with their own artistic look that is going to impress many. Learn more:

Example of an Entrepreneurs Journey With Doe Deere

Crystal Hunt: TV Actress Turned Feature Film Star

Crystal Hunt is well known for her roles from daylight television, but is now beginning to branch out into the film industry. Hunt is best known for two prominent roles on daylight television, playing Lizzie Spaulding for four years on Guiding Light, which earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. Followed by the role of Stacy Morasco for two seasons on One Life to Live. However, she entertainment career goes well beyond those two performances.

A series of pageants and commercials finally led to her breaking into the television industry with a series of fictional roles, as well as several appearances as herself. Crystal’s latest breakout role was in Magic Mike XXL which was released in 2015, as noted in this PR Newswire article, “Crystal Hunt Earns Featured Role in Magic Mike XXL“. The all-star cast of Magic Mike XXL brought in over $122 million worldwide across over 3,300 theaters.

Crystal’s talents do not stop at acting though, as she has also moved into the world of film production. In the upcoming Talbot County, which is currently in post-production, Hunt served as the executive producer, her first opportunity in that role. The film is described as “Six college kids in a sleepy Southern town, assigned a group project to rediscover a moment in history. A Hitchcockian tale of horror set in 1986 that delves into a hundred year old fable where our students are met with very real consequences that go beyond any classroom lessons.” An official release date has not been set yet for the film.

For now fans can look for Crystal Hunt in the upcoming second season of Queens of Drama on the POP network. For more on Crystal and all of her projects, visit her official website at

Crystal Hunt: TV Actress Turned Feature Film Star

Doe Deere’s Fashion Rules

Doe Deere is the well-known Lime Crime CEO. Lime Crime is a successful makeup company that appeals to women that like whimsical makeup colors that match their moods. Doe Deere is a very opinionated person, and she has plenty to say about today’s fashion. For example, she believes that the average woman is afraid to follow her own fashion sense. Most women read all the fashion magazines and follow their suggestions. Of course, they all basically hand out the same old tired suggestions. Instead, Doe Deere believes that women should ignore those outdated fashion rules. In other words, try breaking a few fashion rules. This is a form of self expression and creativity.

Deere’s Favorite Fashion Rules to Break
Doe Deere is one woman that believes the key to creativity is stepping outside of the lines or breaking the fashion rules. Certainly, fashion rules should not be etched in stone. Fashion changes and women should change. Doe Deere’s favorite fashion rule to break should come as no surprise to the average Lime Crime fan. Her favorite fashion rule to break include breaking the rule that states you only wear one bold color at a time. Doe Deere believes this is ridiculous. Wearing a combination of bold and fabulous colors is fun. She believes in mixing heavy lined lips with bold lipstick. Heavily mascaraed eyes with deep shadows look fabulous to Deere. Of course, her bold fascination with wild colors transfers to fashion and accessories too. Just take a look at her Lime Crime cosmetic line to realize that she is heavily devoted to self expression and creativity.

About Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the very colorful founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her cosmetic line appeals to women that like to use their creativity and self expression in applying makeup. Doe Deere is certainly a woman that stands out in a crowd. Her pastel hair, whimsical makeup, and creative fashion sense is a clue to her unique personality that is behind the creation of one of the most talked about cosmetic lines around today.

Clearly, Doe Deere is not your average CEO. She rules her cosmetic company with a soft touch and strive’s to uplift people and lead them toward success. True, Doe Deere is a successful woman entrepreneur and she fully supports other women that are striving to start their own business online. She frequently speaks on women and business at events across the country.

Doe Deere’s Fashion Rules

Doe Deere: Breaking Rules

Doe Deere, founder and creator of Lime Crime cosmetics, lives a creative life of style while urging others to do the same. Deere lives unapologetically in bold colors and creates a bold style to share with the world.

This young entrepreneur has gained success in inspiring other like-minded individuals to live freely. She refers to her clients as her “unicorns” as every one is unique with their own style, while having the common rule of not being afraid to be bold. Deere’s cosmetic line includes lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polish, and more.

In a recent interview, Deere revealed that she is a proud supporter of breaking normal trends in makeup. While general makeup rules are good suggestions, and they can help while starting out, but they’re not binding.

While Doe Deere herself has an eccentric style, it’s no surprise she breaks some fashion rules. Her makeup line, specializing in colorful, whimsical, and cruelty-free products, puts out cosmetics such as teal lipsticks and glittery cosmetics. Deere recently shared some of her favorite beauty rules to break.

1. Avoid a Bold Eye with a Bold Lip

Deere prefers to often break this rule. She believes nothing looks better than a bold eye paired with a bold lip.

2. Don’t Mix too Many Colors

Deere sees big, unapologetic splashes of color as being beautiful beautiful. The trick for pulling off multiple shades of color in the same outfit is color coordination. This applies to hair and makeup as well as clothes. Some favorite combinations are pink and green, and hot pink and lavender.

3. Don’t Mix Patters

Deere believes patterns are fun, and the more, the merrier. Print on print looks are great and there is no right or wrong way to mix patterns together. It is especially appealing to use patterns within the same color scheme, or those that compliment each other. Alleviate some pattern anxiety by keeping them within the same color family.

4. Don’t Wear Socks with Open Toed Shoes

Pairing socks with heels can be stylish. Socks are a garment to have fun with, so there is no reason to hide them behind covered shoes. Socks and shoes are partners and should be worn together. Wear summer heels in the winter with some multi—colored socks for some extra fun.

5. Unnaturally Colored Hair Requires Muted Makeup

Loving color is a great thing and it doesn’t need to be steered away from. Pay attention to color intensity to keep looks from becoming messy. Pay attention to how colors interact with each other to continue getting creative with your hues.

6. Dress Your Age

If you like an item of clothing, it’s appropriate. True style does not pay attention to age. Age shouldn’t dictate colors or patterns of clothing. Be true to yourself at any age.

7. Stick with Occasion Specific Dressing

Clothes are clearly made to be enjoyed, so outfits do not necessarily need to be saved for a ‘special occasion.’ Everyone should dress in an expressive way that makes them feel their best.

Doe Deere: Breaking Rules