Jason Hope donates big bucks to the SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona. After having founded dozens of startups, he is finally taking a step back from his technological empire, taking time to write about the things he loves and to give back to the community as a whole.

Recently, Hope and announced that he would be giving $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, one of the most prestigious private research organizations in America. The donation will go directly towards atherosclerosis research, a disease that kills as many as 600,000 Americans every year. Hope is also interested in the ability of the medical community to uncover the root causes of such disease as atherosclerosis. As a long time follower of the medical literature, Hope has long been aware that the underlying inflammatory processes that lie at the heart of atherosclerotic plaque formation may also be key processes in the development of many other diseases associated with the aging process.

But Hope has not restricted his activities merely to medical philanthropy. He has also been writing about many of the topics that have formed a part of his life and his success. One of those topics has been the coming changes that will be brought about by the Internet of Things.

Hope sees major changes coming to the way in which technology is used in people’s daily lives. Hope believes that, very soon, it will be possible to do things such as shopping for groceries on a completely automated basis. Hope says that while having a refrigerator automatically order an entire week’s worth of food from the grocery store may seem far-fetched, the technologies to make this happen already largely exist.

Hope points to operations like the warehouse robots that Amazon employs across its distribution centers. These highly sophisticated and totally autonomous stocking and item retrieval mechanisms have proven the concept that completely automated shopping systems are viable. Hope believes that system such as those employed by Amazon will soon appear across the country and consumer applications. One of the areas where Hope anticipates these devices being deployed is in the area of grocery stores.

Hope also believes that, very soon, self-driving vehicles will completely revolutionize the way that people shop. Rather than having to make constant trips to the store, automated delivery systems will be able to deliver the items directly to the consumers home.

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Jason Hope donates big bucks to the SENS Foundation

Why Jason Hope Firmly Believes In Internet of Things

A mention of Jason Hope without touching on the Internet of Things (IoT) would somehow seem incomplete. In his many articles on future technological trends, the Arizona-based innovator’s enthusiasm on the concept is in the least, unrivaled. However, his belief in the Internet of Things as the best news to happen to the world of technology is not for no reason.

Revolutionizing Business Operations

The Internet of Things about connecting devices to one another through the internet. This includes anything and everything whose usage in daily life is common. By exploiting the concept, devices such as industrial appliances, kitchen equipment and even cars and streetlamps would communicate with each other and share data through a single network, thus decreasing wastage while improving efficiency. The Internet of Things, according to Jason Hope, will thus change the way the technical business world operate.

Greatest and Longstanding Technological Innovation

Over the years, there have been great and countless technological innovations. None, however, is likely to beat the Internet of Things now or in years to come, according to Jason Hope. He envisages a world where the global economy heavyweights will adopt the technology, prompting other players to follow suit. In addition, there will be heavy investment on the technology by some of the biggest corporations in the world.

Triggering other Technological Developments

According to Jason Hope, many people use smart technology today for the sake of convenience. In years to come, however, everyone will use it simply because it will be the only way. For instance, the main means of getting online is smartphones and computers. In the near future, nevertheless, many people will see the advantages of using the internet to conduct such daily routines as making coffee. Moreover, the advent of the Internet of Things will create space for development of other technologies such as apps that will be compatible with various devices.


Jason Hope is one of the most reputable futurists. He has won great respect not only for correctly predicting future technological trends but also for his involvement in various philanthropic ventures. The Arizona State University and W.P. Carey School of Business graduate has contributed resources and insight for the cause of supporting young innovators and the less fortunate in the society.

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Why Jason Hope Firmly Believes In Internet of Things