Technology X Fashion

In the past few years, the fashion industry has been growing significantly, owing to the rising demand for newer fashion designs every season. With this high demand in fashion, the need for technology to merge with technology to meet the growing demand became almost essential. Right from the way we design clothes to the machines used to make them, fashion and technology have been growing together hand in hand, becoming two of the biggest industries in the world today.


Just a few months ago, notable investor Chris Burch wrote an article about how the fashion industry is taking a step into the future by integrating technology into its designs, more than it has ever been used.

Chris Burch is a famous investor who has considerable knowledge about both the fashion and the technological world. Currently, Chris is the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an investment company that invests into new market opportunities and up and coming technological advances.


Chris is extremely well versed with the idea of the two worlds merging to create something that is worthy to be called the product of the future. The article sheds light on Chris’ views on the industry and how he thinks the fashion and technological world will evolve in the future.


As he states in the article, fashion is dependent on technology and technology is slowly moving towards becoming fashionable. This holds true, especially if we see how fashion and technology have grown over the years to reach the stage they are in today. If you were around in the 2000s, you would know what an essential fashion statement it was to carry around an I-pod or a walkman. Even today, with the umpteen number of cell phones available which can all perform the same utility, a few maintain their top positions solely because they stand as fashion statements.


Regarding fashion, the fashion industry and design trends are heavily dependent on the technology that runs our world. Technology is being used to develop some new fashion innovations like fabric that feels as warm as fur but isn’t obtained from an animal. Even the branded clothes that one wears would not be able to reach them if it wasn’t for technology being able to up the production and facilitate transportation.


Technologically advanced fashion seems to be the new innovative approach that designers and brands are taking towards. Similarly, new technology producers are releasing products which would appeal to the masses and stand as a fashion trend.

Technology X Fashion