Kenneth Goodgame a Pro Merchandiser, SVP, and CMO at True Value

True value is a hardware cooperative that is owned by retailers. It has locations worldwide and with over five thousand retailers who operate their stores independently. True Value supports several retail identities like party central, hardware and home center outlets, and affiliate stores among much more.

The management of this cooperation holds its future, but the merchandisers and retailers equally play a significant role altogether. Kenneth Goodgame has finally found himself at the top of the cooperation after many years of hard work. He is now the CMO and SVP at True Value company and marketing. He like other sales representatives had a general knowledge of how to go about making sales.

The nature of the business that is done by the sales representatives is to some extent dictated by the demand in the market, Ken as well as other merchandisers know this very well. The retailers deal with a variety of goods, and you can’t walk out without getting what meets your needs.

You walk into some True Value retail businesses, and you realize that the is ends cap displays that remind customers of the origin of the business. The growth of True Value has been contributed to by the veteran merchandisers, retailers, and managers. Daniel Buzzell, the manager of Ace Hardware, showed movies to locals at night to localize the business and make it known to customers that it is a business owned by locals.

According to HBSDealer, Kenneth Goodgame describes himself as an experienced and influential operations manager. He has a wealth of knowledge in merchandising and innovative marketing. He uses his knowledge to come up with a workable business plan that brings positive impact to the firm at day-end by giving customers a reason to smile.

Ken puts in a lot of effort in his work so that he can promote growth, bring in corporate alignment, improve quality, and make sure that the system in place is a good indicator of quality assurance. Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame:

All these experience is what has seen Kenneth Goodgame rise to chief marketing officer and senior vice president of True Value. Before his appointment at True Value top management team, Ken served at Ace hardware where his skills and expertise were adequately demonstrated. His resume is impressive, and it shows how capable he is in the retail industry.

Kenneth Goodgame knows that endcaps are crucial when it comes to making sales and that is where he puts a lot of effort. With many years of service in different retail outlets, Goodgame understands that retail industry needs smart planning and strategy to succeed. True Value is headed the right direction with Goodgame among the decision makers.

Kenneth Goodgame a Pro Merchandiser, SVP, and CMO at True Value