Ricardo Tosto Enhancing th Law Field in Brazil

The field of Law has been arising sector for Brazil as it is one of its most productive lines of work. The country has birthed many successful legal experts working on a global level.
Within the country, one of the most popular legal experts is the lawyer Ricardo Tosto de OlivieraCarvalho. He is known as one of the founders of the law agency Leite, Tosto e Barros. Ricardo Tosto was instrumental in establishing the law agency and is now functioning as a Partner. Over the years, Ricardo Toyota has been the most active of the three co-founders as he has taken on many of the responsibilities that rise with the start of any business.

The career of Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho has served as an inspiration to many people working in offices that do not offer them much professional development. Ricardo Tosto used to have minimal perspective in the small office room he was employed as a lawyer. The law firm was not very successful and was not able to provide its lawyers with promotions and higher careers.

Ricardo Tosto saw a perspective in establishing a law firm instead of looking for another workplace that could potentially lead to a higher rank. Ricardo Toso went on to collaborate with other lawyers and established the Leite, Tosto e Barros. The law firm flipped the open sign in April 1991. The business has been rising in the industry and has become one of the fastest growing legal agency in the country of Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto de OlivieraCarvalho had his higher education at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. After he achieved his bachelor’s degree in Law, Ricardo Tosto went on to achieve an extension in Business Administration from the popular Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation.

Over the years, the corporation that the three lawyers established has provided a vast number of lawyers with both jobs and education. Ricardo Tosto personally educates the lawyers and selects the most promising talents for the advocacy.

The highest priority at the Leite, Tosto e Barros is to provide clients with the highest quality services, which is why the business is very selective.

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Ricardo Tosto Enhancing th Law Field in Brazil

The Whistleblower Program Protects the U.S. Financial System and Averts Occurrence of another Crisis

The Dodd-Frank Act is a comprehensive financial reform legislation signed into law by the Obama administration back in 2010 as a means to avert a financial crisis in the future. The act is named after its two sponsors: Christopher J. Dodd (the United States Senator) and Barney Frank (the U.S. Representative). The law outlines numerous provisions in approximately 2,300 pages, which are being enforced over a span of several years and are meant to minimize many risks in the financial system of the U.S.

Whistleblower program

Whistleblower program is among the many significant reforms of the Dodd-Frank Act. The program protects employees who agree to report instances of federal securities violations to the SEC and offers them financial incentives. Therefore, the whistleblower can continue to enjoy their employment rights even after reporting their unscrupulous employers.

Labaton Sucharow

A whistleblower must seek representation from a skilled SEC whistleblower attorney to ensure the process will run smoothly. Labaton Sucharow responded to the enforcement of the Dodd-Frank Act by forming a practice specifically for protecting and ensuring SEC whistleblowers are living a comfortable life. The Whistleblower Representation Practice was established on a solid basis of Labaton Sucharow’s innovative securities litigation platform. The practice relies on an experienced in-house team of forensic accountants, financial professionals, and leading investigators who have a perfect mastery of both the state and federal legislation to offer unrivaled representation for whistleblowers.

Jordan A. Thomas

Jordan A. Thomas is a U.S-based registered SEC whistleblower lawyer. He runs the day-to-day affairs of the Whistleblower Representation Practice. Jordan held various senior positions at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) before retiring. For example, he was the chief litigation counsel tasked with the duty of managing SEC’s Division of Enforcement. He also held the title, Assistant Director. While serving as a senior employee of SEC, Jordan pioneered the formation of the sweeping Whistleblower program – developing the proposed law and rules to guide the implementation process.

Details on the Whistleblower Program

The rules of the program clearly indicate that the SEC must pay deserving whistleblowers between 10 to 30 percent of the monetary sanction amassed through SEC prosecution action or actions – the financial penalties must go above the $1 million mark. Once this threshold is met, whistleblowers are entitled to other extra monetary gains depending on monetary sanctions collected following SEC enforcement actions on other related claims filed by regulatory as well as law enforcement organizations. The rules state that employers should not retaliate in any particular way against whistleblowers who choose to report violations and misconducts to the SEC.


The Whistleblower Program Protects the U.S. Financial System and Averts Occurrence of another Crisis

How To Get An Experienced SEC Whistleblower Attorney

The 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act created a whistleblower program with not only employment protections but also financial incentives for people that report federal securities law violations to the SEC. Since that time there have been a deluge of whistleblowers that have provided the Securities and Exchange Commission with information on numerous serious securities violations. If represented by an attorney the whistleblower can remain anonymous. This helps to protect the person from recrimination by the firm about which they blew the whistle.

Under the guidelines of the SEC whistleblower program, the person sharing the information stands to receive up to 30% of the fines of over $1 million levied against companies the SEC can prove committed the violations. If other law enforcement or regulatory bodies collect fines from the same company based on the information provided by the whistleblower, that person may possibly be entitled more money based on how much the regulatory bodies collect. This is in addition to the protection from retaliation which the Dodd-Frank Act guarantees.

The law firm Labaton Sucharow has set up a practice that has as its sole purpose advocating for and protecting whistleblowers. Led by the former SEC enforcement division Assistant Director Jordan A. Thomas. Thomas, who was also the SEC’s Enforcement Division Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel, helped craft the whistleblower program. He even drafted the final implementation rules. Thomas is part of an impressive team of forensic accountants, financial analysts and investigators with the experience and specialized training needed properly support and represent the whistleblower.

Labaton Sucharow has a market-leading securities litigation platform and is able to provide whistleblowers with unparalleled representation. Anyone that has information they think is relevant for making a case against a company they think is involved in federal securities law violations and wants to participate in the SEC Whistleblower Program can simply contact the Labaton Sucharow whistleblower representation team through their website, via email, or by telephone and have their case evaluated. There is no charge for the evaluation or the initial consultation.

The potential whistleblower doesn’t have to give their name or the name of the company they think is involved in the securities violations. All information provided falls under attorney-client privilege and is therefore protected and will be kept confidential. This program also covers international whistleblowers. It’s important whistleblowers have the support of an experienced legal team to protect their rights.

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How To Get An Experienced SEC Whistleblower Attorney

Law Firm Provides SEC Whistleblower Attorney

It is important to keep all kinds of organizations honest and on the ball. In such a climate, it is imperative that room is made for employees who have found a problem to be able to bring this problem to the attention of the authorities without facing problems such as a demotion at work or even being fired from their job altogether. In an attempt to help create a safer climate where people feel free to speak their minds about any problems they may have found, Congress has acted to help protect such individuals. Whistleblowers are those who report errors they may have noticed from a company or a government agency that could put people at risk. Many whistleblowers act in the interest of the public by helping to expose an error that may directly endanger public health such as the failure to maintain public transportation properly or supervise medications offered to the public closely enough.

Offering Legal Counsel

Stepping forward can be quite scary. Those who choose to provide information about a problem know they may do so at great cost to themselves personally. They also know they may face a problem such as an issue with retaliation for their bravely in doing so. It is with this in mind that one law firm has stepped forward to offer people the kind of help they need to make sure they are given all possible legal protections they need. Current laws provide many kinds of protections against retaliation but those who speak out are not always aware of the possibility of such protection.

Labaton Sucharow Steps In

After the passage of legislation specifically designed to help protect fiscal markets and provide specific help for whistleblowers, the law firm of Labaton Sucharow was the first to step into the brink and offer much needed legal help for those who have decided to provide such testimony. Officers here know that it is vital for all of their clients not only to feel free to speak their minds, but also to be compensated appropriately for their decision. The law at presents provides just compensation for such people in order to help them avoid fiscal loss should they be fired from their job. Those at this law firm understand all aspects of such laws and want to make sure they are able to provide the best possible legal counsel for all of today’s whistleblowers. Find out more about the SEC Whistleblower attorneys

Law Firm Provides SEC Whistleblower Attorney

Fundraiser in an Effort to save the Homeless Animals in New York; Ross Martin Abelow

Renowned New York City Lawyer Ross Abelow has launched a fundraiser aimed at helping the City’s Animals. The fundraiser which was launched on January 13th, 2016 aims at raising an estimated $5000 meant to be given to shelters as a donation. The money is to be used in funding the shelters to maintain their day to day expenses which include providing food, medical care and blankets to the homeless and vulnerable animals in their care.

This fundraiser comes in the wake of winter which is characterized with harsh climatic conditions. Abelow recognizes the fact that these harsh climatic conditions have the effect of seeing many homeless animals suffer the consequences of being unattended due to financial constraints at the shelters.

This attempt to give hope to homeless animals by Ross is very noble. This is because the fundraiser will reduce the number of homeless animals that are bound to die during winter.

Ross Martin who has been a long term resident of New York has seen it all with regards to the pain and suffering that homeless animals go through during winter. Ross was licensed to practice law in the state in 1990; he studied at the State University of New York and attained his Law degree at Brooklyn Law School in 1989.

The desire to provide the requisite funding to shelters can be attributed to his long accomplished career as a Lawyer dealing in matrimonial and family Law as well as entertainment and commercial litigation.

The fundraiser seeks to consolidate funds from well wishers who believe in the worthy course. Owing to Martin’s long term decorated career, the fundraiser is set to succeed with well wishers ranging from pet owners to animal lovers as well as organizations looking to give back to the society. In the past, animal shelters have received little or no funding and this attempt by Martin is set to rewrite their past experience and guarantee better service delivery to homeless animals.

Martin who is a partner at the law firm of Albelow & Cassandro, Llp maintains a legal blog where he posts articles addressing emerging legal issues and financial matters. He also writes legal articles for other blogs during his spare time. This engagement in article writing has given Martin the status of an active web presence.

The character of Ross Martin Abelow is by far admirable. Having conquered all the desired milestones that any lawyer would want to achieve Martin never loses sight on addressing pressing issues in the society.

Fundraiser in an Effort to save the Homeless Animals in New York; Ross Martin Abelow