Learn A Lot About Jon Urbana and What He’s Accomplished

Jon Urbana likes to look at the beauty of the natural world from a unique perspective. The perspective comes from way high in the sky. Urbana is a talented video producer and pilot who holds numerous certifications. The FAA has even given him a prominent award for his extensive certifications. Piloting is most definitely not something easy to achieve skill at, and Jon Urbana has absolutely mastered many skilled related to flying. This is impressive to be sure.

Mr. Urbana has not only looked down to the green fields of the earth from the sky. He has seen real – and artificial – fields up close and personal. Urbana comes from a very distinguished lacrosse career as a collegiate, and then professional lacrosse player. His pro career was preceded by an standout amateur career and followed by a solid career as a trainer. He still invests a lot of time and effort training the next generation of stars at his highly-regarded camp in Colorado.

The camp is one of several business endeavors Urbana is involved with. He also spends a lot of time working as the head of development for a laser systems company. His degree is a business-related on so his entrepreneurial savvy should not come as a surprise.

Jon Urbana is also a huge fan of the environment and the arts, unique arts. His blog and Twitter accounts are always home to a number of video and audio selection that highlight skilled talents who do not always get their due. And the photo art he shares is definitely special. Checking out the various links he posts on Facebook could be rewarding from a cultural perspective.

Learn A Lot About Jon Urbana and What He’s Accomplished

Assorted Interests in Jon Urbana’s Life Could Lead to Alternative Careers

Entrepreneurs in the 21st century have different interests than those of just several decades ago, and they manage their businesses differently. Entrepreneurs of years past tended to focus all their energy on their business that they started along with the finances and investments that are associated with it. Today’s entrepreneurs have a different view on their career, and Jon Urbana is one who develops his business, but also fills his life with an array of other interests.

Mr. Urbana is co-founder and daily manager of Ellipse USA, which is a medical support company that included lasers and light technology. He is exceptionally talented, so Ellipse is growing around the world. The company has extended into Europe and Australia, and Jon Urbana is a major part of this growth and advancement. He is an entrepreneur who is in active leadership.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana (@jonurbana1) graduated from Villanova University in 2005, with a degree in Economics, but he also got his small pilot’s license and Jon loved flying. Years ago, he joined with the Federal Aviation Administration to teach new pilots safety codes and rules that the FAA had established. In 2015, Jon was honored with an award for his service and, today, he still enjoys the leadership position that he holds with the FAA.

This is not the only area where he is a leader. He is co-founder and leader of Next Level Lacrosse, which holds summer camps for teens. In college, Jon played Division I lacrosse, and he created Next Level for high school students to have fun, but also to learn basic principles of life. Jon coaches every camp, and he also provides scholarships for those who are eligible.

Mr. Urbana provides opportunities to charities in the community as well, and he does that through GoFundMe and Crowdrise. On GoFundMe, Jon is aiming to help specific organizations and displays them on social media. He is an expert at using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his own personal domain to attract and stay in touch with his followers. Jon is a people person, and he loves to share his interests and invite his followers to participate in donations and in his public forum.

Assorted Interests in Jon Urbana’s Life Could Lead to Alternative Careers