Desiree Perez: Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nation

Eons ago, elite minds came up with the adage Fortune favors the bold. Over the years, it has dawned to the minds of many that what seemed only to be a mere adage is authentic. It has been touted out to the minds of noble men that successful people tend to tag along one another. Surely, that is the kind of bond between Desiree Perez and most celebrities in the United States of America. Desiree Perez is a woman of steel when it comes to entrepreneurship. She exudes unmatched confidence, charisma, and determination.   Know her more, visit her page.

Currently, she is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. In a firm where leadership roles were thought to be only for males due to their huge staggering tally, she still squeezed through and earned herself a seat at the high table. Roc Nation has grown gradually over the last decade to become the United States most booming entertainment companies. It primarily focuses on the music industries working with musicians, music producers, song writers, and recording managers. Roc nation is also open to making partnerships with fashion houses, technology firms, and management gurus in a bid to improve their clients’ careers.   Read more on

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The firm has partnered with skilled artists such as Rihanna, Meek Mill, Big Sean, and many more courtesy of the good contracts tabled to them by Desiree Perez. Desiree Perez is a guru in getting contracts done. She is decisive in every aspect making her the perfect fit for most celebrities. She was behind negotiating the deal worth $25 million by Samsung collaboration to promote Rihanna’s anti-tour.   More to read on  This deal helped Rihanna cement her status as both a global superstar and a bankable A-list performer. We haven’t witnessed it all; Rihanna will certainly see her empire click to greater heights with Desiree Perez on the helm of it all providing quality financial guidance.  Added info on

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Desiree Perez: Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nation

Woman in Entertainment-Desiree Perez

Music streaming is a big business not only in the United States but also in the world. One of the organizations that have been engaging in the business is Tidal which is owned by one of the prominent artists; Jay-Z. Jay-z has been struggling in the business for a long time, but he has never given up. Since the creation of the Company, it has experienced changes, especially in its management sector with it changing its executive managers now and then affecting the music streaming business. With the change of the leadership and the direction of the group, most of the people thought that the founder Jay-Z would eventually give up and close the business. Instead, he has been up and about making sure that Tidal is back to its feet.  Related news on

Desiree Perez came to save the business. Since she was employed in Tidal, and she took up the role of the manager she has been working hard to revive the face of the company in the entertainment industry and making the impression that the business will be there even in the future. Ms. Perez is continuously working to make sure that he brings she wins and brings back more customers but first she is building the interest of their members and the world. Read Dez tweets, follow her on  Jay-Z tried to revive the business, but the best part and the biggest step he made is to bring the expertise of Ms. Perez.

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Desiree Perez is an artist and has a vast experience in the entertainment industry. She is not an entertainer, but she also has knowledge in accounting and management. Desiree also owns her business and has experience in finalizing transactions which have helped Tidal to be back in business. Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez who is the Director of Roc National Sports. She is also a member of Hova Circle.  For more of Dez, visit her page.

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Woman in Entertainment-Desiree Perez