The Association of Desiree Perez with Jay Z

Desiree Perez often referred to as Des Perez, is well-known for having a close association to the famous Jay Z. the organization has taken close to twenty years as at now and possesses a remarkably lengthy track in connection with running the SC Enterprises. She has offered all the proofs to justify the reason as to why she is qualified, and the competent reason is that she is far-fetched about crunching figures. This supplements her skills and abilities such as being not only a reliable but also a fierce negotiator and possesses an outstanding which the article highlights like the one that no Empire’s Cookie would fail going up against it.  Follow Dez and read her latest tweets on twitter@desireeperez01.

Additionally, Des Perez is also involved in the negotiation of the Beyonce Formation stadium together with a powerful portion in line with the Rihanna Samsung deal. More of this on   She participates in a collective that enhances the operations of the whole Roc Nation, its managerial sections, the operational labeling and even publishing. It is this collective that also facilitates the forces which are behind Tidal. This distinctive cooperative is often referred to as the Hova Influence loop then the rest of the individuals that participate. They include Jay Brown, Ty Ty, Chaka Pilgrim and Jana Fleischman.  Check on for additional article.

Presently, Jay’s 360 often deal with the Live Nation without any extensions. The fact that the deal is up next year thus favoring “buy-sell” which implies that each of the sides can sell whatever they had taken.

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The artists of the Roc Nation consists of Fat Joe, Rihanna Meek Mill Roc Nation artists include Jay, Rihanna, Meek Mill, Fat Joe without forgetting Shakira. Sources have it that they have an excellent and enduring touring relation with Joe. The belief here is that the Live Nation wants to maintain the roles with that are to keep happening over the years.  Head over to for related article.

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The Association of Desiree Perez with Jay Z

Top ROC Nation Executive Helps Close Huge Live National Deal

Desiree Perez has long since been one of the top business executives for industry recording artist and business mogul, Jay Z. Perez played a huge role in closing the Live Nation deal with ROC Nation. If all goes well, under the 10 year contract agreement, either party will be able to sell the entirety of their stock in Live Nation. Live Nation is home to some of the industry’s top artist including Shakira, Meek Mill, Fat Joe and Perez’s music interest, platinum recording artist, Rhianna. The deal is worth an estimated $150 million dollars and contracts were signed back in 2008 under the 360 Deal.  More of this on

The ambitious professional was recently seen leaving the Universal Music Group in Santa Monica with business partner Jay Z. An insider close to Perez has said the meeting was to discuss UMG having a stake in the recorded music sector of ROC Nation. However, Live Nation is looking to venture away from an interest in artist recording. Nothing was said about Jay Z’s plan to partner with other businesses for the future interest of Tidal. Perez is glad to have played a successful role by closing a successful business deal with key entertainment professionals. Read related article on

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Desiree Perez has over 20+ years of experience working side by side with Jay Z.  for Dez recent timeline activities, check  The industry says, she”s a fierce negotiator and was a major player in the closure of the Tidal deal.   More to read on  As his business partner, Perez, aims to ensure that the best business deals are made for the interest of longevity. Furthermore, she is not scared to make the tough decisions about where their business ventures are headed in the future. Desiree works hard to ensure that Jay Z leaves a legacy in the music industry that will benefit his wife and his growing family.

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Top ROC Nation Executive Helps Close Huge Live National Deal

Desiree Perez Leading Roc Nation towards New Horizons

Almost ten years ago, Jay Z signed one of the biggest deals in the music industry with Live Nation. The result was Roc Nation. The $150 million deal will be over in 2018 and top Roc Nation Executive, Desiree Perez, and Jay Z are involved in discussions with other big names in the music industry about taking a stake in the recorded-music outfit.

Possible Deal with Universal Music Group

According to an insider in the music industry, there is no possibility of extension of the deal between Jay Z and Live Nation. While Live Nation has bought the artists’ rights (who include Jay Z, Shakira, Rihanna, Fat Joe, and Meek Mill), it won’t be keeping the relationships after expiry of the deal especially because it does not buy recorded music any longer. However, there is a big possibility of Perez guiding Jay through the signing of a deal between Roc Nation and Universal Music Group (UMG).  Hop over to for an interesting article.

Perez accompanied Jay to UMG’s offices at Santa Monica, California, where they met the company’s Chairman and CEO, Sir Lucian Grainge. Insider sources reveal that there is a distribution agreement between UMG and Roc Nation. Nevertheless, it is a small deal and UMG would be happy to make it something bigger.  Click for related article.

A Talented Producer and Negotiator

Perez has closely worked with Jay for nearly 20 years. Apart from her great capabilities with numbers, she is known to be a relentless negotiator who puts her talents into full use in every potential deal. She played a big role in the deal between Rihanna and Samsung. She is one of the people running Roc Nation including its management, publishing and labeling, and she is also a producer known for the documentaries, Change: The Life Particle Effect and On The Run Tour: Beyonce and Jay Z. With reference from

Final Thoughts

Desiree (Des) Perez was one of the people who have greatly influenced the success of Jay Z’s partnership with Live Nation. In closing the Roc Nation deal, her responsibility is to see the recorded music business to greater glory and even more success. There is no doubt that an even better deal is in the offing. For more of Dez recent timeline activities, click on this.

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Desiree Perez Leading Roc Nation towards New Horizons