Sam Tabar Finds That Martial Arts and Grittiness Embody Netflix’s Marvel Programs

Netflix really made a great decision when it partnered with Marvel to produce superhero streaming programming, believes Sam Tabar. Mr. Tabar comes from a varied background in finance and entertainment, making him one of the biggest names to watch in 2016.

According to Sam Tabar in a statement made on his Facebook page, ridingĀ the wave of comic book movie and television show popularity makes sense. What Marvel and Netflix did that made even more sense was carve out a niche designed to separate the service’s programing from cinematic and TV fare. Tabar says that Netflix’s Marvel world is a brilliant mix of grittiness and martial arts fantasy.

The grittiness on display in the dark world of Daredevil, says Tabar, shows Marvel definitely can go the route of more mature fare. Jessica Jones is another show capable of helping establish a more melodramatic, less cartoonish environment. In a way, the approach is similar to the D.C. Universe. The arrival of The Punisher on Daredevil further pushes the dark, gritty element. The Punisher is an unrepentant vigilante. Look for him to cause a lot of mayhem.

TabarĀ further believes that over the top martial arts adds to the fantasy element. Daredevil will be battling the mysterious ninja group The Hand in season two. This means a lot more martial arts action. Netflix and Marvel have taken note of the success of Ip Man 3 and Into the Badlands.

Iron Fist, a martial arts-oriented hero has received a greenlight for his own series. The Master of Kung Fu, Shang-Chi, is likely to get his own series. (He will debut in the Iron Fist series) Martial arts programming seems to be drawing viewers.

Other series planned for Netflix include Moon Knight, The Punisher, and The Defenders.

Sam Tabar Finds That Martial Arts and Grittiness Embody Netflix’s Marvel Programs