Why Parents Love Rocketship Education

Parental involvement in their school-age children’s education is crucial. This is a fact that Rocketship Education not only recognizes but encourages and requires of the parents whose children attend their K-5 charter schools. This is but one of the reasons that Rocketship Education is increasingly the choice of parents who have young students where they have opened their charter schools.

The main drawing point of charter schools is that they offer an education that is both high quality and features accountability on the part of the charter school. Public schools, on the other hand, have layers of insulation from the results they produce, which far too often aren’t very good. Charter schools like Rocketship Education also receive federal subsidies as the children that attend these schools tend to come from low-income families. The reason for this is that low-income areas don’t have the tax base to support a public school providing a high-quality education.

Parents love sending their children to charter schools like Rocketship Education because the standards are so high. Class sizes are lower and so children receive much more personalized attention from their teachers. Students also have access to a wide range of experiences such as music, art, and other opportunities to learn in exciting ways.

Rocketship Education supports their students in other ways. One example is a family from Russia that lost everything in a flood. They ended up in a shelter but they couldn’t afford rent at any apartment in the area, having been in a rent-controlled apartment to that point. They were overjoyed when Rocketship Education stepped in and helped resolve their situation.

It was in 2006 that Rocketship Education was founded. They started out in San Diego and soon opened charter schools in other cities in California. Since then they have opened charter schools in other states such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. They recently opened a school in Washington D.C. as well. One of their biggest supporters is the former tennis ace Andre Agassi whose foundation, Turner-Agassi Charter Schools Facilities Fund, has provided the money to get new charter schools started.

Why Parents Love Rocketship Education