George Soros The Billionaire And His Political Power

George Soros is a billionaire. Today he is an American citizen. But he was born in Hungary when it was under Nazi rule. He was born to Jewish parents. His father spent a lot of effort and money in getting forged papers claiming that he is a Christian. This way he was able to get his son, George Soros out of the country.

It was in 1947 that his family moved from Hungary to England. Here he attended the London School of Economics. George Soros was highly influenced by the philosopher Karl Popper while he was here. He did not study directly under Popper but was deeply affected by his book about an Open Society. This changed the mindset of George Soros permanently and deeply impacted his thoughts and deeds later in life.

After graduating from the London School of Economics, George Soros joined a brokerage firm in London on Investopedia. He became an expert in buying securities in one country and selling them in another. After four years he moved on to Wall Street in New York and became a stock trader.

At this time George Soros was doing well for himself. He soon became an American citizen too. But he did not adhere to the views expressed by the Declaration according to Also, he did not agree with the commercialized nature of America.

George Soros continued to believe in social justice for all. This is why he has always been at crossroads with the political power in America.

It was in 1979 that George Soros set out on the path of philanthropy. He started by opening the first Open Society Foundation in Hungary. He believed that there must be democratic governments around the world that must be tolerant. They must also be accountable to their citizens.

By the year 1987, George Soros started disseminating large amounts of money to various organizations and foundations all around the world. He also realized that his immense wealth created a lot of interest about him in the political circles. He decided to use that interest in order to influence the political powers in various countries, which he did. Today his Open Society Foundations are present in 70 countries all around the world.

He appointed Neier as the President of the Open Society Foundation as well as Soros Foundation Network. Neier is responsible for defining the agenda for these organizations. This agenda on categorically states that America is responsible for oppressing people in America as well as around the world. It also states that the basis of “America’s War Against Terror” is faulty as America is itself responsible for the birth of terrorism as it does not support fundamental rights of people across the world. These foundations openly support immigrants and refugees both at home and abroad.

George Soros The Billionaire And His Political Power

Billionaire George Soros Thinks The Republican Anti-Immigrant And Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Is Offensive

Donald Trump hit a political nerve early in the presidential race. He started his campaign off with some of the boldest statements ever spoken by a candidate for the White House. Trump wanted to be a thorn in the side of fellow Republicans and a nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party. And Trump was successful. He managed to turn the election into a three-ring shouting match. Clinton and her Democratic machine were no match for the cards Trump dealt from the bottom of his nasty political deck. The closer he got to election day, the farther he got from the core population of the United States. But he won the election anyway. When all the results were tallied, only 25 percent of the population voted for Trump, but that was enough to win. George Soros, the political donor, watch the result unfold, and he was offended by the outcome. Trump and Soros are both billionaires, but that’s where the similarities stop. George Soros is a giver, and Trump is a taker. Soros believes in people. Trump takes advantage of people.

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George Soros had more than a vested interest in the 2016 election. He sank more than $14 million into the Democratic Party’s political machine. George Soros and the other wealthy donors in the Democratic Alliance Donor Club didn’t realize how broken that machine was until it was too late. George decided to get his alliance together after the election to fix the Democratic machine and also try to checkmate Donald Trump for the next four years. Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren and other Congressmen and Senators attended the Democratic conference in Washington, D.C., recently. The leaders of the Democratic Party, and liberals that support the party want change, and Soros and his political allies are going to give it to them. It may take more money and time, but according to Soros, the Democratic Party may be broken, but it’s fixable.

People follow George Soros. He’s a humanitarian and an extremely successful hedge fund investor. George Soros knows more about giving money away that almost anyone on the planet. His recent $10 million promise to help migrants start businesses is one of his new philanthropic endeavors. He also is putting up $10 million to track hate crimes. Bill Gates and Soros are holding Facebook’s feet to the fire, so the company stops the hateful messages that appear on that social media site. Soros has given away more than $6 billion through his Open Society Foundation over the last forty years. If there is ever a hunt for a true liberal and Democratic leader, George Soros name would be first on the list.

Soros has endured a Nazi occupation, separation from his family, and anti-Semitic slurs. He has been poor, and now he is a billionaire. The life of 86-year-old George Soros is still an artful work in progress. He never gives up, and he always tells it like it is. There is only one George Soros, and that is sad to say. The world needs more people like George Soros at this point in time.

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Billionaire George Soros Thinks The Republican Anti-Immigrant And Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Is Offensive