George Soros Gives $8 Million To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign For Better Leadership

A recent Politico article shows that George Soros gave $8 million to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Hillary is the candidate that George believes in the most, and his motivations concern the global economy in these times. George has predicted that 2016 could turn out like 2008, and George wants a candidate in office who is committed to keeping the global economy on the straight and narrow. This article explains how George Soros believes democratic leadership will help with global financial problems.
#1: George Has The Resources

George Soros is a Forbes billionaire who made the bulk of his fortune speculating on global currency. He was particularly successful speculating on the British pound, and he uses his wealth to help people around the world. Giving $8 million to Hillary Clinton in not much in the scope of George’s fortune, but it is quite a lot for the candidate who is fighting off Bernie Sanders for the nomination of her party.

#2: Why Choose Democrats?

The democratic party has a track record of regulation in financial industries that George believes in important today. George remembers how the global economy fell in 2008, and he wants to avoid such a problem at all costs. Regulation helps keep countries around the world in check, and regulation prevents investors from making stupid decisions. George is a seasoned investor who can see the writing on the wall, and he hopes that Mrs. Clinton will stem the tide.

#3: World Powers Are Stagnant When Dealing With Financial Trouble

Financial trouble around the world is created by world leaders who do not take action. George has made calls for world leaders to change policies that would help the economy grow, and he is looking at China and Europe as prime examples. China must begin to change its policies on the yuan to prevent a collapse of its own economy, and the EU has a record of waiting for problems to solve themselves. George believes that Hillary Clinton will go directly to these leaders to make change as soon as she is elected.

#4: Democrats Take George Seriously

People in Democratic circles take George seriously because he has a track record of choosing the right candidates, and an endorsement from George helps people decide to vote for Hillary Clinton. There is guarantee that she will win the nomination, but she has a much better chance with George on her side.

George Soros has thrown his hat into the ring in 2016, and he has given $8 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. George wants to see Hillary in office so that she may stop the global economy from collapsing because of inaction by governments around the world that will listen to her.

George Soros Gives $8 Million To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign For Better Leadership