The Genius of Don Ressler

Some of the most brilliant people in the world are working in the field of technology. Don Ressler became a very prominent figure in the world of technology by being one of the key people who was involved in the creation of several popular websites. He has continued this success by expanding these sites into new countries so their customer base would continue to grow. Don Ressler is viewed by many people in the tech world as one of the most innovative and influential entrepreneurs of this generation. It is hard to argue with that statement if you take a look at what he has accomplished.

Ressler has achieved great notoriety because of the many articles that have been written about him in the various tech and financial publications. He has also done his share of interviews. The fame he has achieved has made him a popular attraction on the lecture circuit. Many people are willing to pay money to hear Don speak because they want to gain some knowledge from him. He has a very busy lecture schedule and devotes a great deal of his time to giving speeches. He still is involved in startups. However, he is making that part of his life less of a priority these days.

Don Ressler has contemplated writing a book that compiles all of his knowledge about startups. However, he has not gotten around to writing it as of yet. He is worried that writing a book will somehow lessen the demand for his services as a public speaker. Therefore, he has held off writing the book until his desire to give speeches fades considerably. Then he believes it will be a good time for him to reveal some of his biggest secrets. He has had offers from several publishers.


Don has often been asked why his startups are so successful. He says that there are a number of reasons why he succeeds in an area where so many other people fail. First of all, he takes the time that is necessary to create a solid business plan. Every single detail of the company is clearly defined and mapped out before anything else is done. He also spends many hours assembling a team of qualified and experienced people who can help to make his vision become a reality. He believes that it is essential to have great people operating a startup in order for it to be profitable.

The Genius of Don Ressler