Securus Technologies: Inmate Advocacy Agenda

I accept that we just can’t aim at what makes law enforcement and corrections better. Our main interest is making inmates lives better as well as reducing recidivism through upgrading education and communications. This was highlighted by Richard A. Smith who serves as the Chief executive Officer as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies.

As Securus Technologies, we managed to reduce the call rates that saved the inmates as well as their friends and families at least 295 million USD over the past five years.

Securus Technologies invested over 30 million USD in buying and establishing provider priomonics for video visitation to introduce better communication platform for the inmates and family as well as friends.

This company also invested 722 million USD in commissions to expedite over the last five years which prisons and jails used for the betterment programs and taxes reduction.

Securus Technologies appointed Reentry and Director of Recidivism on 24th Feb 2017 to serve full-time on sustaining inmates out of jail on permanent basis.

This company displayed full dedication and commitment to the PEP (Prison Entrepreneurship Program) so as to develop the rehabilitation in conjunction with the reentry support network for the inmates as well as their families.

Securus Technologies also introduced “The Securus Foundation” on 13th July 2017. This is a non-profit organization that will aim at comprehensive scalable solutions that will, in turn, to help enhance the reduction of recidivism to help all those reentering the society.

Securus Technologies also expanded an industry that was leading 150,000 smart devices such as tablets to bring media, education content as well as technology to the inmates. This was a representation of an investment that was worth more than 20 million USD. It was through the use of smart devices that the more than 36 million emails were sent in the year 2016. This was the new form of communication for the inmates so as to keep in touch with their loved ones.


Securus Technologies: Inmate Advocacy Agenda

Securus Technologies Helps Law Enforcement Learn About Calls

Just because a convict is locked up does not mean that he is safe. There are some cases when he has to be watched even when he is locked up. A lot of convicts have connections with the outside world. There are a few people that he is connected that are going to continue on the work that he is doing. This is especially true if he is higher up in his gang. Fortunately, Securus Technologies makes it easier for officials to be prepared for any kind of incident that might happen that an inmate has something to do with. Stay up to date with Securus on


Securus Technologies has recently announced the release of Investigator 4.0 which allows officers to not only look up the person from a voice sample. They also get to learn everything about the inmate that is making the call. They also get to learn about inmate, what he is guilty, and if it is his first offense or if he is a regular offender. Another thing that the officers will learn about is the person on the other the person that the inmate is talking to.


One good thing about Investigator 4.0 is that the officer could use it to learn about any possible crimes that may occur through the conversations that have been recorded with this device. As a result, they will be able to catch the people that are getting ready to commit another crime. They will be able to arrest them on the basis of intention alone since they are able to prove it with the use of the voice sampling technology that is found in the new software.

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Securus Technologies Helps Law Enforcement Learn About Calls