Functions and Success of Oncotaget

Functions and Success of Oncotaget

Oncotarget was founded in May 2010. The weekly journal is under the leadership of Michael Lisanti. Michael Lisanti is a former editor in chief of the American Journal Pathology. Oncotarget is published weekly. It publishes issues that revolve around oncology. Oncotarget has received an impact factor of 6.63 in the last two years. Oncotarget is a traditionally free access journals. Papers are published on special demand. It publishes most of its papers online. The terms of Oncotarget has several meanings. It encompasses all pathways and molecules in cancer. It also covers cancer cells, neurodegeneration, and microbes.

The success of Oncotarget is as a result of their extended research. They also publish papers beyond oncology. The topics include Neuroscience, cardiology, Pathology, Cell Biology, Endocrinology, and Pharmacology. Oncotarget was ranked among the top in the field of oncology and medicine in 2011. Oncotaget was ranked the highest in the field of Oncology in 2015 and 2016.The primary goal of Oncotarget is to ensure that people live life without diseases. The journal helps all researchers and scientists to contribute to the progress of medicine. Oncortaget has several advantages compared to other pathological magazines. Its benefits include high impact factor and ultra-rapid publication. The advantage of this journal is that it publishes papers that have been rejected by other journals. Acceptance papers appear online. They appear online for two to five days. Submission is often centralized at the Oncotarget submission center. There are clear instructions that are provided by authors. The instructions are labeled in the pathological section. It is very easy to submit a paper in Oncotaget because they provide immediate response.

The mission of Oncotaget is to provide rapid and widely available scientific results. They aim to eliminate the border between all specialties. They wish to link biomedical science and clinical science in order to fight diseases effectively. They allow discoveries to be shared widely in order to reach many people. It is important to note that they also aim to foster the applications of clinical and basic science in order to fight all type of diseases. They maximize their research using insightful peer reviews. Oncotarget has risen rapidly because of constructive and punctual multiple peer reviews. It has become popular because they assist the author in increasing the impact of their research. The journal has uploaded many papers on their Social media website. They are easily accessible.

Functions and Success of Oncotaget

Develop a Quality Wine Investment With UKV PLC

What is UKV PLC

UKV is a different type of wine company. They work independently with numerous brokers, dealers, and supply chains to offer their clientele a premier selection of bonded fine wines for both consumption and investment. They acquire, supply and sell, and so work with those looking to buy or sell their wine investments. Their small team of dedicated wine merchants can work with clients both in their offices or in other settings, depending on the client’s wishes for more info: click here.

Global Enthusiasm and Concern

Wine popular commodity, and like many items in the commodities market, it has its ebbs and flows. Right now, China has overtaken France as the largest wine market in the world, partly due to wealthier young Chinese fueling demand for fine wines and vintages.

Still, a fluctuations in the global market like Brexit have made many investors nervous. In this era, traditional, solid investments often make a comeback, as we have seen with solid investments in gold and silver. Wine is another ancient symbol of wealth, giving it a stability that lends an added sense of security because people are unlikely to stop being interested in wine anytime soon.

Investing in Wine

Whether you are an experienced wine investor or not, you can learn a lot by working with experienced agents at UKV. While prices for a specific vintage may surge quickly and unexpectedly, experienced wine agents at UKV have the market experience to know which are going to be the best long term investments. Many experts suggesting holding onto a bottle for at least five years before trading it, as in general the longer you hold onto it the rarer and more valuable it becomes. That also means starting early with few valuable wines can lead to excellent payoff decades down the road.

Investing with UKV

Wine investors who choose to make their investments with UKV PLC will notice many benefits over going into the investment alone.

• Market Expertise: The experts will meet with you one-on-one to discuss the investment opportunities and give insights to the market that may lead to extra revenue down the road.
• Wide Selection: You can choose from many different kinds of investment-grade wine
• Tax benefits: Tax laws may change over time, but right now tax authorities do not charge capital gains or other interest-bearing taxes on wine sales
• Retain ownership: By investing with UKV, you will retain complete ownership of your wine collection.

Develop a Quality Wine Investment With UKV PLC

Desiree Perez: Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nation

Eons ago, elite minds came up with the adage Fortune favors the bold. Over the years, it has dawned to the minds of many that what seemed only to be a mere adage is authentic. It has been touted out to the minds of noble men that successful people tend to tag along one another. Surely, that is the kind of bond between Desiree Perez and most celebrities in the United States of America. Desiree Perez is a woman of steel when it comes to entrepreneurship. She exudes unmatched confidence, charisma, and determination.   Know her more, visit her page.

Currently, she is the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. In a firm where leadership roles were thought to be only for males due to their huge staggering tally, she still squeezed through and earned herself a seat at the high table. Roc Nation has grown gradually over the last decade to become the United States most booming entertainment companies. It primarily focuses on the music industries working with musicians, music producers, song writers, and recording managers. Roc nation is also open to making partnerships with fashion houses, technology firms, and management gurus in a bid to improve their clients’ careers.   Read more on

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The firm has partnered with skilled artists such as Rihanna, Meek Mill, Big Sean, and many more courtesy of the good contracts tabled to them by Desiree Perez. Desiree Perez is a guru in getting contracts done. She is decisive in every aspect making her the perfect fit for most celebrities. She was behind negotiating the deal worth $25 million by Samsung collaboration to promote Rihanna’s anti-tour.   More to read on  This deal helped Rihanna cement her status as both a global superstar and a bankable A-list performer. We haven’t witnessed it all; Rihanna will certainly see her empire click to greater heights with Desiree Perez on the helm of it all providing quality financial guidance.  Added info on

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Desiree Perez: Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nation

” Talk Fusion’s Founder, Bob Reina, Brings Technology and Marketing Expertise to HuffPost “

Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bob Reina, has published two new articles on HuffPost amidst its continuous rebranding. Bob Reina’s first article went live on April 2017, one day before The Huffington Post rebranded to HuffPost. Bob Reina’s latest article went live this morning. By changing its name and focus, HuffPost looks forward to narrating insightful stories. Its initiative resonates with Bob Reina’s mission as Talk Fusion’s leader and contributor.


Bob Reina firmly believes in the art of innovation. For him, a brand’s growth is never enough. As a philanthropist and leader, Bob Reina devotes to helping people succeed in their ventures regardless of their background and place of residence. Since August 2016, Bob Reina has published several articles on HuffPost. Bob Reina’s contributor platform highlights insightful topics such as lifestyle, self-development, entrepreneurship, marketing, and video technology trends, and skillful selling. With the re-launch of their brand, Bob Reina feels pleased to see that HuffPost devotes to helping people gain insight on the things that matter. He devotes to sharing more insightful articles not only with Talk Fusion’s associates but with HuffPost’s readers. Additional information about Talk Fusion and more articles about Bob Reina are available on the company’s press page and


Talk Fusion’s Background Information


Talk Fusion pioneered the creation of the world’s first fully-packaged video marketing platform. The Florida-based video marketing company devotes to helping business owners retain their customers, increase sales and profitability, and thrive in a competitive environment. Talk Fusion offers dynamic and yet conservative marketing techniques to make marketing more persuasive and engaging. Learn more:


Talk Fusion markets its video marketing solutions through its Independent Associates in over 140 countries. Talk Fusion’s 30 day Free Trials of fully-packaged video marketing solution is available to anyone who would wish to try before purchasing. In fact, you don’t need a credit card. Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is passionate about supporting charitable initiatives. It offers financial aid to communities and animal charities around the world. Bob Reina has over two decades of experience in video marketing and direct sales industries. Learn more:


” Talk Fusion’s Founder, Bob Reina, Brings Technology and Marketing Expertise to HuffPost “

Anthony Petrello Makes the Most Out Of a Seemingly Devastating Experience

We all have a thing or another to be grateful for in life, one that we count on as a blessing. For Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia, they feel blessed every morning when they watch their daughter take breakfast. Since the little angel Carena mastered the art of consumption of solid foods last September, the couple has never been happier. They view the occurrence as a miracle and attribute it to their daughter’s pure heart, determination and strength. Carena is trying out other new activities such as learning to talk and walk and more information click here.

Although to most eight-year olds these activities are a normalcy, to Carena they are precious. Having been diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, most of her developmental milestones have been delayed by this neurological condition. The condition usually affects premature infants, and it results from insufficient blood flow to the brain. This caused Carena to develop cerebral palsy. The event has not been easy, but the family has managed to take the challenge positively thus overcoming most obstacles.

Anthony and Cynthia’s contribution

When the couple learned of their daughter’s condition, they knew they had to use the situation for a greater good; there was no option for devastation. Every day they took Carena to Texas Children’s Hospital, they encountered other children who were suffering from neurological disorders. Having raised Carena, they understood what the other families were going through. It is at this point that the Anthony Petrello and his wife decided to donate towards children suffering from neurological disorders. They gave the Texas Children’s Hospital $5 million and pledged to give $7 more and learn more about Anthony.

Who is Anthony Petrello?

Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. The company began in 1979 and is based in Bermuda. It is a leading geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor globally. It operates in the Middle East, United States, Africa, and the Far East.

Petrello joined the company in 1991 as the chief operating officer and has since risen through the ranks. His role in the company’s growth is immense, and it has earned him a huge salary. Anthony’s compensation for 2015 financial year was $27,512,939. This made him one of the top paid CEO’s in the United States that year and Anthony’s lacrosse camp.

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Anthony Petrello Makes the Most Out Of a Seemingly Devastating Experience

The Transformational Power of Kabbalah Center

The history of the Kabbalah Center traces back to 1922 when the pioneer of the institution, Rav Yehuda Ashlag started making the first steps to modernize the ancient wisdom and make it accessible to the outside world. Since then, the mantle of the leadership has been passed down to different leaders over the years, all who have remained committed to the goals and mission of the first Rav who founded the Kabbalah Center. As the teachings of the Kabbalah have been made more available and accessible to the outside world, an unlikely group of people has become attracted to the practice and take it up as part of their daily routine. This group, consisting mainly of Hollywood superstars, has professed to have attained significant benefits from Kabbalah teachings and practices.

American superstars’ dalliance with the Kabbalah tradition started when mega pop star Lady Madonna started engaging in the practice, going to the extent of funding a Kabbalah Center herself. Since then, many stars have followed in her footsteps, among them Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Sandra Bernhard, Britney Spears and the late Elizabeth Taylor, Marylyn Monroe, and Sammy Davis. All these American celebrities have attested to Kabbalah’s transformational power and its ability to accord those who practice it internal peace. Sandra Bernhard testifies that the practice of Kabbalah practices and teachings had helped eliminate over 80% of all the chaos in her life. Britney Spears intimated that it was the Kabbalah Center that helped get over a nasty break up which had taken a toll on her peace and emotional stability. Each of the superstars involved with Kabbalah testifies just how practical the teachings are and how effective the practices are in enhancing personal peace and happiness and learn more about Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is often defined as a secret wisdom and part of Jewish mysticism. It is understood among many as wisdom which seeks to establish an understanding of God and his designs over both the seen and the unseen world. It is an old wisdom, passed from one generation to the next through word of mouth. Kabbalah was traditionally preserved only for a few members of society, comprising mostly of married men of 40 years and above. The knowledge has now been made public through the Kabbalah Center, and many attest to its transformational power and more information click here.

The Transformational Power of Kabbalah Center

Desiree Perez and Jay Z Meet with Universal Music Group

Desiree Perez and Jay Z have been the two leading figures at the huge musical group, Roc Nation, for the better part of the past decade. Jay Z signed a legendary deal with the team at Live Nation back in 2008 called the ‘360 Deal’. This contract went for 10 years and promised more than $150 million to the company. Well, now that contract is coming to an end and music insiders everywhere are starting to pay attention. Where Jay Z decides to go next could influence the music industry in a huge way, and there are already reports that things are taking shape. More related article on

Jay Z and Desiree Perez are two integral members of the Roc Nation family. While Jay Z’s introduction goes without saying, some people don’t realize just how much of an impact Perez has had on the growth of the company. Perez has worked closely with Jay Z for the better part of the past decade and now they are going out together to meet prospective suits. Perez and Jay Z already sat down with Sir Lucian Grainge during a lunch get together in Santa Monica, CA. Grainge is the CEO at Universal Music Group and this meeting shows just how interested UMG is in acquiring Roc Nation.  More to read on

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For Live Nation’s part, there is a potential new deal in the works. However, Live Nation has made it clear that they are no longer interested in representing Roc Nation’s recorded works. Live Nation is more interested in taking charge of the live shows of the various talented artists on Roc Nation’s roster, including: Shakira, Meek Mill, Jay Z, Rihanna, and Fat Joe.Whether Jay Z would want to break up his business dealings is another entirely different prospect and we aren’t comfortable at all suggesting that Live Nation has an inside track on a new deal.  Click on for more of Dez timeline activities.

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Desiree Perez and Jay Z Meet with Universal Music Group

The Association of Desiree Perez with Jay Z

Desiree Perez often referred to as Des Perez, is well-known for having a close association to the famous Jay Z. the organization has taken close to twenty years as at now and possesses a remarkably lengthy track in connection with running the SC Enterprises. She has offered all the proofs to justify the reason as to why she is qualified, and the competent reason is that she is far-fetched about crunching figures. This supplements her skills and abilities such as being not only a reliable but also a fierce negotiator and possesses an outstanding which the article highlights like the one that no Empire’s Cookie would fail going up against it.  Follow Dez and read her latest tweets on twitter@desireeperez01.

Additionally, Des Perez is also involved in the negotiation of the Beyonce Formation stadium together with a powerful portion in line with the Rihanna Samsung deal. More of this on   She participates in a collective that enhances the operations of the whole Roc Nation, its managerial sections, the operational labeling and even publishing. It is this collective that also facilitates the forces which are behind Tidal. This distinctive cooperative is often referred to as the Hova Influence loop then the rest of the individuals that participate. They include Jay Brown, Ty Ty, Chaka Pilgrim and Jana Fleischman.  Check on for additional article.

Presently, Jay’s 360 often deal with the Live Nation without any extensions. The fact that the deal is up next year thus favoring “buy-sell” which implies that each of the sides can sell whatever they had taken.

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The artists of the Roc Nation consists of Fat Joe, Rihanna Meek Mill Roc Nation artists include Jay, Rihanna, Meek Mill, Fat Joe without forgetting Shakira. Sources have it that they have an excellent and enduring touring relation with Joe. The belief here is that the Live Nation wants to maintain the roles with that are to keep happening over the years.  Head over to for related article.

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The Association of Desiree Perez with Jay Z

Treating Cancer with Clay Siegel’s Approach

Contemporary cancer treatment breakthrough

Cancer being one of the diseases known to have a high mortality rate has led to the desperate moves by medical practitioners to find ways of controlling it. Some of the most revolutionary scientific methods have actually been employed in the fight against this atrocious disease. Such methods include the use of antibody-based therapies in pursuit of optional treatments for it. As new treatments for cancer develop, Antibody Drug Conjugates is the best known effective approach in cancer treatment. This is mainly because the approach targets specific conditions with uttermost power. Therefore, the drug-based research on cancer treatment remains one of the most promising approaches in the global fight against this feared condition.

Siegall significance in the advancement of cancer treatment

In regard to the search for a solution to cancer which the world faces in the 21st century, Clay Siegall has been on the forefront to fight back. He is the CEO and chairman of Seattle Genetics, a well reputable and globally acclaimed champion in the fight against cancer. He founded the company in 1998 and became its first CEO and chairman of the board. Due to his exemplary innovative ideas, he was awarded the accelerated approval by FDA in the year 2011. The US Food and Drug Authority deemed it fit to have the Ph.D. holder approved to deal with issues touching on genetics.

  1. Clay Siegall attained his Ph.D. in genetics from the Gorge Washington University. This was after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Maryland. The good doctor has been in the industry for long gathering information and experience over the years. This has enabled him to develop more than 50 publications while holding patents to at least 15 of them. He was behind the $657 million public/private financing of his company in the year 2001. Long before he founded his company, Dr. Siegall had a long career of close to a decade at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research institute.
Treating Cancer with Clay Siegel’s Approach

What Oncotarget Has Done for Doctors

Doctors who are in different specialties may struggle to be able to connect with each other. This is something that they have been working on for years and it has put somewhat of a hinderance on what doctors are able to do because they are really only able to study different treatment methods in their chosen area of medicine. This is something that has changed over the years and is now something that is going to be different based on the information that Oncotarget has for people. Because of the way that Oncotarget was put together, doctors can make the choice to connect with each other and can learn more about the different things that are going on in other areas of medicine.

It not only allows doctors the chance to branch out in their own field of medicine but to also branch out and find out more information about the other types of medicine available to people.Since Oncotarget was created by an oncologist, it is something that has a primary focus in oncology and different methods for cancer treatment but it has been able to help people who are in other areas of medicine, too. Because of the opportunities that people have when they are studying medicine, Oncotarget has been a great change and has been something that people will be able to benefit from no matter what they are doing.

Oncotarget has been easy for people to try and make all of the right choices and that has given people the chance to learn more about medicine.When the peer review publication was first started, it was something that people could learn about and get more information from. It is now something that even students are able to learn about in the different areas of medicine. No matter what type of doctor a student is studying to be, he or she can get the best experience possible from Oncotarget. They can learn about the different things that can be done to help people who have cancer as well as the different things that can be done for people who have other issues.

What Oncotarget Has Done for Doctors